The Walking Dead Star Idolizes Steve Largent

The Walking Dead Star Idolizes Steve Largent

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The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television. One of the biggest stars on the show, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, recently spoke with SiriusXM NFL Radio about his love of football and is favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks. He grew up idolizing Hall of Famer Steve Largent.

“He wasn’t the fastest guy and he couldn’t out-jump anybody, but he could run a route with such precision that he was always open. I remember coaches pointing out what Largent could do and watching with great interest in exactly what he was doing,” explained Morgan.

While Morgan’s show airs at the same time as Sunday Night Football, he admits to watching football over The Walking Dead.

“I’ll DVR ("Walking Dead") and catch up to it at some point,” Morgan said. “But I figure I was there for most of it, so I’d rather watch the game live.”

Largent is featured in the Hall of Fame’s newest exhibit “A Game for Life.” The exhibit is the next generation of experiential entertainment that literally places fans into a themed locker room. The show provides a full range of emotions for fans who will be immersed into a setting reserved just for Hall of Famers. Holographic versions of Namath, Halas, and Lombardi engage through a “magical chalkboard” with several other Hall of Fame legends – Alan Page, Jim Kelly, Jim Brown, Curtis Martin and others – to share the inspiring lessons learned from the Game that are in reality, lessons for life.

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