The 1962 NFL Draft

December 4, 1961

Ernie Davis, B, Syracuse

Never played pro football
Died of Leukemia on May 18, 1963


The 1962 NFL Draft PIcks

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Draft# Team Player, Position, College
1 Washington Redskins Ernie Davis b, Syracuse
2 Los Angeles Rams1 Roman Gabriel qb, North Carolina State
3 Los Angeles Rams Merlin Olsen t, Utah State
4 Cleveland Browns2 Gary Collins e, Maryland
5 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Ferguson B, Ohio State
6 St. Louis Cardinals Fate Echols T, Northwestern
7 Chicago Bears Ronnie Bull b, Baylor
8 San Francisco 49ers Lance Alworth b, Arkansas
9 Baltimore Colts Wendell Harris b, LSU
10 Detroit Lions John Hadlb, Kansas
11 Cleveland Browns Leroy Jackson b, Western Illinois
12 St. Louis Cardinals3 Irv Goode c, Kentucky
13 New York Giants Jerry Hillebrand e, Colorado
14 Green Bay Packers Earl Gros b, LSU
  • 1 - Pick acquired from the Minnesota Vikings
    2 - Pick acquired from the Dallas Cowboys
    3 - Pick acquired from the Philadelphia Eagles