The 1965 NFL Draft

November 28, 1964

Tucker Frederickson, B, Auburn

1965, 1967-71 New York Giants (six total playing seasons)
Rushing: 2,209 yards, 9 TDs
Receiving: 1,011 yards, 128 passes, 8 TDs
Pro Bowls: 1

The 1965 NFL Draft PIcks

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Draft# Team Player, Position, College
1 New York Giants Tucker Frederickson b, Auburn
2 San Francisco 49ers Ken Willard fb, North Carolina
3 Chicago Bears1 Dick Butkuslb, Illinois
4 Chicago Bears Gale Sayers hB, Kansas
5 Dallas Cowboys Craig Morton qB, California
6 Chicago Bears2 Steve DeLong T, Tennessee
7 Green Bay Packers3 Donny Anderson hb, Texas Tech
8 Minnesota Vikings Jack Snow E, Notre Dame
9 Los Angeles Rams Clancy Williams hb, Washington State
10 Green Bay Packers Lawrence Elkins e, Baylor
11 Detroit Lions Tom Nowatzkefb, Indiana
12 St. Louis Cardinals Joe Namathqb, Alabama
13 San Francisco 49ers4 George Donnellyb, Illinois
14 Baltimore Colts Mike Curtislb, Duke
  • 1 - Pick acquired from the Pittsburgh Steelers
    2 - Pick acquired from the Washington Redskins
    3 - Pick acquired from the Philadelphia Eagles
    4 - Pick acquired from the Cleveland Browns
    5 - Order of selection not known. Teams listed in alphabetical order
    6 - Pick acquired from the Denver Broncos