The 2000 NFL Draft

April 15-16, 2000

Courtney Brown, DE, Penn State

2000-04 Cleveland Browns
2005-06 Denver Broncos


The 2000 NFL Draft PIcks

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Draft# Team Player, Position, College
1 Cleveland Browns Courtney Brown DE, Penn State
2 Washington Redskins1 LaVar Arrington lb, Penn State
3 Washington Redskins2 Chris Samuels t, Alabama
4 Cincinnati Bengals Peter Warrick wr, Florida State
5 Baltimore Ravens3 Jamal Lewis rB, tennessee
6 Philadelphia Eagles Corey Simon dT, Florida State
7 Arizona Cardinals Thomas Jones rb, Virginia
8 Pittsburgh Steelers Plaxico Burress wr, Michigan State
9 Chicago Bears Brian Urlacher lb, New Mexico
10 Baltimore Ravens4 Travis Taylor WR, Florida
11 New York Giants Ron Dayne rb, Wisconsin
12 New York Jets5 Shaun Ellis de, Tennessee
13 New York Jets6 John Abraham lb, South Carolina
14 Green Bay Packers Bubba Franks te, Miami (FL)
15 Denver Broncos7 Deltha O’Neal db, California
16 San Francisco 49ers8 Julian Peterson lb, Michigan State
17 Oakland Raiders Sebastian Janikowski k, Florida State
18 New York Jets Chad Pennington qb, Marshall
19 Seattle Seahawks9 Shaun Alexander rb, Alabama
20 Detroit Lions Stockar McDougle t, Oklahoma
21 Kansas City Chiefs Sylvester Morris WR, Jackson State
22 Seattle Seahawks Chris McIntosh t, Wisconsin
23 Carolina Panthers10 Rashard Anderson db, jackson State
24 San Francisco 49ers11 Ahmed Plummer db, Ohio State
25 Minnesota Vikings Chris Hovandt, Boston College
26 Buffalo Bills Erik Flowers de, Arizona State
27 New York Jets12 Anthony Becht te, West Virginia
28 Indianapolis Colts Rob Morris lb, Brigham Young
29 Jacksonville Jaguars R. Jay Soward WR, Southern California
30 Tennessee Titans Keith Bulluck lb, Syracuse
31 St. Louis Rams Trung Canidate rb, Arizona
  • 1- Pick acquired from New Orleans
    2- Pick acquired from San Francisco
    3- Pick acquired from Atlanta
    4- Pick acquired from Denver
    5- Pick acquired from Carolina through Washington and San Francisco
    6- Pick acquired from San Diego through Tampa Bay
    7- Pick acquired from Baltimore
    8- Pick acquired from New England through New York Jets
    9- Pick acquired from Dallas
    10- Pick acquired from Miami
    11- Pick acquired from Washington
    12- Pick acquired from Tampa Bay