Undercover Bust - Floyd Little

Undercover Bust - Floyd Little

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A visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a “bucket list” item for football fans across the country and the world who travel to Canton to experience “The Most Inspiring Place on Earth!”

Now, guests may enjoy special surprises during their visits. Fans will engage, unknowingly, with those select few who’ve earned a Bronzed Bust in Canton.

The concept of “Undercover Bust” is simple. A Pro Football Hall of Famer is disguised as a museum volunteer or member of the Hall’s staff. The football icon greets guests visiting the Hall of Fame.

The second episode features Gold Jacket and former Denver Broncos running back Floyd Little. Little was at the Hall of Fame recently to host the “Heart of a Hall of Famer” program to share values learned from the Game – Commitment, Integrity, Courage, Respect and Excellence – with hundreds of students as part of the Hall’s Youth/Education initiatives.

After the event, he changed into the attire of a Hall of Fame museum volunteer that included a white Hall of Fame half-zip and Hall of Fame hat, and took on a new identity as Ted Withers.

“Undercover Bust” will be an ongoing series with the next Hall of Famer in disguise happening in the very near future.


WATCH (Below): Episode 1 featuring Hall of Famer Morten Andersen


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