The Pro Football Hall of Fame kicked off its 50 years celebration during the 2012 Enshrinement Festival this past summer. Leading off the celebration of America’s premier sports museum and showplace was the release by Grand Central Publishing of the THE PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME  50TH ANNIVERSARY BOOK: Where Greatness Lives edited by Joe Horrigan and John Thorn. Thorn is one of the country’s leading sports historians and creator of Total Football. Horrigan is the Hall of Fame’s Vice President-Communications/Exhibits.



Foreword by Howie Long>>>

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The 1990s
“Constructing a Winner”
by Peter King


This volume features essays written by some of pro football’s most noted writers. The essays are broken down by each decade starting with the pre-NFL era. The high-quality publication includes 150 rarely seen illustrations and photos along with artifacts from the Hall’s vast collection.

Sprinkled throughout the book are quotes from each of the 273 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Adding to the glamour of the book are multiple sidebar anecdotes regarding some aspect of the game and its storied history.

THE PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME 50th ANNIVERSARY BOOK will be the celebratory cornerstone of any football fan’s library and a perfect gift idea for this holiday season!

Audio: A chat with the editors of the Hall of Fame's 50th Anniversary Book>>>

Artifacts in the book:

A sampling of artifacts featured in the book.

L-R: 1920 Gold Fob awarded to the NFL Champion Akron Pros; the NFL's first rule book after deviating from college playing rules for the first time; a piece of Cleveland Stadium's goal post that played a role in the outcome of the 1945 NFL Championship Game; the jersey worn by Hall of Famer Reggie White when he began his NFL career with the Eagles.


Reviews of The Pro Football Hall Of Fame 50th Anniversary Book: Where Greatness Lives

“It’s as if they tried to stuff the entire Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, into one book. But that’s cool. This is no book review. “Pro Football” — which came out earlier this year — is way too big for something like that. It could take 50 years to read all of it … You don’t want to rush through something like this anyway. Just open it up wherever, whenever. Good stuff on most every page, as it spans three centuries of pro football.”
Bill Kossen,

“It’s a beautifully illustrated coffee-table book brimming with fascinating details of the history of the game.” - Gayle Beck,

“As impressive as the printed words are the photos, ranging from, in color no less, Jim Thorpe's 1912 Olympic blazer -- Thorpe is a charter member of the Hall -- to Emmitt Smith setting the NFL rushing record to a priceless shot of the confusion among officials and players after Franco Harris' Immaculate Reception. As 2000 inductee Howie Long writes in the foreword: ‘Within the walls of the Hall of Fame and the pages of this book one can truly gain an appreciation for the men who not only made pro football America's most popular sport, but also, as I said in my enshrinement speech ... made it 'America's passion.' Barry Wilner, Associated Press

“Edited by John Thorn and the Hall's VP of Communications, Joe Horrigan, this coffee table book to me may be about the best substitute for an actual trip to Canton, Ohio. If offers a potpourri of famous quotes, distinctive helmets, programs and equipment used by defunct clubs such as the Pottsville Maroons up to the 32 teams which comprise the modern NFL.  The history of the league and Hall itself is nicely broken down by decade, which nicely encapsulates the game's evolution. Every living Hall of Famer contributed commentary for the book, making it a rather compelling read for fans who consider themselves NFL junkies and/or historians.
” - Nate Davis, USA Today

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