Story of the Streaks

Legendary quarterback Johnny Unitas registered an incredible streak of 47 straight games with a touchdown pass. The mark was long regarded as pro football’s “unbreakable record” as it was never even remotely challenged for a half century. That was, until New Orleans Saints Drew Brees embarked on a string in 2009 that he has managed to keep alive. Brees tied Unitas during Week 4 of the 2012 NFL season. Here is a comparison of the two streaks as they stood when Brees tied the mark. He went on to break the record during a comeback win over the San Diego Chargers on Oct. 7, 2012.

  Johnny Unitas Drew Brees
Span Dec. 9, 1956-Dec. 4, 1960 Oct. 18, 2009-Nov. 29, 2012
Streak Details Game-by-game Game-by-Game
Win-Loss Record 31-16-0 33-14-0
Longest Winning Streak 8 games 9 games
Streak Broken By Los Angeles Rams Atlanta Falcons
Attempts 1,298 1,891
Completions 696 1,302
Yards 10,645 14,803
TD 102 114
INT 61 50
Passer Rating 83.7 101.2
TD Targets Raymond Berry (38) Marques Colston (22)
  Lenny Moore (27) Lance Moore (20)
  Jim Mutscheller (25) Jimmy Graham (19)
  Alan Ameche (4) Robert Meacham (19)
  L.G. DuPre (3) Darren Sproles (9)
  Alex Hawkins (3) Reggie Bush (4)
  Jerry Richardson (2) Devery Henderson (4)
    Jeremy Shockey (4)
    Jed Collins (3)
    David Thomas (3)
    Pierre Thomas (3)
    Darnell Dinkins (1)
    Heath Evans (1)
    John Gilmore (1)
    Joe Morgan (1)


Unitas, Johnny
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  • Dan - October 10 2012 10:35 PM

    Congrats to Brees. Not any easy task to reach since it only took 50 years to break. But you really have to hand it to Unitas. There were no "protect the quarterback" rules back then and the passing game was not as offense friendly in those years.


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