The 1950s


Norm Van Brocklin’s Record-Setting 554 Yards - this Hall of Fame QB set an all-time passing record in the 1951 season openers.

"The King" - Hugh McElhenny was one of the most thrilling runners in the NFL history.

The Dallas Texans - the saga of the last NFL team that went defunct. The 1952 Dallas Texans turned into a road team and earned its only win on Thanksgiving in Akron, Ohio.

A Dynamic Duo - the San Francisco 49ers were anchored by two Hall of Famers during the 1950s - Joe "The Jet" Perry on offense and Leo "The Lion" Nomellini on defense.

 Birth of Overtime- the first use of overtime in NFL history came during a preseason game between the Los Angeles Rams and New York Giants in 1955.

 Ratterman's Radio Helmet - In 1956, Paul Borwn utilized a new technological advancement - a radio helmet.  However, the receiver was outlawed by the league until the 1990s.

1957 Playoff Game- the San Francisco 49ers printed tickets for the '57 championship game by halftime of the first round playoff game but the Detroit Lions had other ideas.

 Greatest Game Ever Played– the Baltimore Colts defeated the New York Giants, 23-17, in overtime of the 1958 NFL Championship Game.  The game helped transform pro football in the country’s most popular sport.

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