Pro Football Draft History: 1950
The 1950 NFL Draft - Held January 20-21, 1950
Leon Hart First Pick: Leon Hart, E, Notre Dame
1950-57 Detroit Lions (eight playing seasons)
Receiving: 2,499 yards, 174 receptions , 26 TDs
Rushing: 612 yards, 5 TDs
Pro Bowls: 1
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  Draft# Team Player Pos College
  1 Detroit Lions1 Leon Hart E Notre Dame
  2 Baltimore Colts Adrian Burk QB Baylor
  3 Chicago Bears2 Chuck Hunsinger B Florida
  4 Green Bay Packers Clayton Tonnemaker C Minnesota
  5 Detroit Lions Joe Watson C Rice
  6 Washington Redskins George Thomas B Oklahoma
  7 New York Giants Travis Tidwell B Auburn
  8 Pittsburgh Steelers Lynn Chandnois B Michigan State
  9 Los Angeles Rams3 Ralph Pasquariello B Villanova
  10 Chicago Bears Fred Morrison B Ohio State
Bust 11 San Francisco 49ers Leo Nomellini T Minnesota
  12 Los Angeles Rams Stan West G Oklahoma
  13 Cleveland Browns Ken Carpenter B Oregon State
Bust 14 Philadelphia Eagles Harry "Bud" Grant4 E Minnesota
Leo Nomellini

Leo Nomellini


Hall of Famers Taken in 1950 NFL Draft
Leo Nomellini, T, San Francisco 49ers - 1st round (11th overall)
Bud Grant, E, Philadelphia Eagles - 1st round (14th overall)
Ernie Stautner, DT, Pittsburgh Steelers - 2nd round (22nd overall)
Lou Creekmur, T, Detroit Lions - 2nd round of special draft. Originally drafted in 1948 by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 26th round (243rd overall)
Art Donovan, DT, Baltimore Colts - 3rd round of special draft.

1 - Lottery Bonus Pick
2 - Acquired from New York Bulldogs
3 - Acquired from the Chicago Cardinals
4 - Inducted into the Hall of Fame as a coach

 1950 NFL Draft by Team