Pro Football Draft History: 1952
The 1952 NFL Draft - Held January 17, 1952
Bill Wade First Pick: Bill Wade, QB, Vanderbilt
1954-60 Los Angeles Rams,
1961-66 Chicago Bears (13 playing seasons total)
Passing: 18,530 yards, 124 TDs
All Conference: 2
Pro Bowls: 2
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  Draft# Team Player Pos College
  1 Los Angeles Rams1 Bill Wade QB Vanderbilt
Bust 2 New York Yanks Les Richter G California
Bust 3 Chicago Cardinals Ollie Matson B San Francisco
  4 Green Bay Packers Vito Parilli QB Kentucky
  5 Philadelphia Eagles Johnny Bright B Drake
  6 Pittsburgh Steelers Ed Modzelewski B Maryland
  7 Washington Redskins Larry Isbell B Baylor
  8 Chicago Bears Jim Dooley B Miami
Bust 9 San Francisco 49ers Hugh McElhenny B Washington
  10 Cleveland Browns2 Bert Rechichar B Tennessee
Bust 11 New York Giants Frank Gifford B USC
  12 Cleveland Browns Harry Agganis QB Boston University
  13 Los Angeles Rams Bob Carey E Michigan State
Frank Gifford and Charley Conerly celebrate after their 1956 NFL Championship

Frank Gifford (left) with Charley Conerly


Hall of Famers Taken in 1952 NFL Draft
Les Richter, LB, New York Yanks - 1st round (2nd overall)
Ollie Matson, B, Chicago Cardinals - 1st round (3rd overall)
Hugh McElhenny, B, San Francisco 49ers - 1st round (9th overall)
Frank Gifford, B, New York Giants - 1st round (11th overall)
Gino Marchetti, DE, Detroit Lions - 2nd round (14th overall)
Yale Lary, DB, Detroit Lions - 3rd round (34th overall)

Free Agent Hall of Famers undrafted in 1952
Dick "Night Train" Lane, DB, Los Angeles Rams

1 - Lottery Bonus Pick
2 - Acquired from the Detroit Lions

  1952 NFL Draft by Team