Pro Football Draft History: 1953
The 1953 NFL Draft - Held January 22, 1953
Harry Babcock First Pick: Harry Babcock, E, Georgia
1953-55 San Francisco 49ers (three playing seasons)
Receiving: 181 yards, 16 receptions
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  Draft# Team Player Pos College
  1 San Francisco 49ers1 Harry Babcock E Georgia
  2 Baltimore Colts Billy Vessels B Oklahoma
  3 Washington Redskins Jack Scarbath B Maryland
  4 Chicago Cardinals Johnny Olszewski B California
  5 Pittsburgh Steelers Ted Marchibroda QB Detroit
  6 Chicago Bears Billy Anderson B Compton J.C.
  7 Green Bay Packers Al Carmichael B USC
  8 New York Giants Bobby Marlow B Alabama
  9 Los Angeles Rams2 Donn Moomaw C UCLA
  10 San Francisco 49ers Tom Stolhanske E Texas
Bust 11 Cleveland Browns Doug Atkins T Tennessee
  12 Los Angeles Rams Ed Barker E Washington State
  13 Detroit Lions Harley Sewell G Texas
Bob St. Clair

Bob St. Clair


Hall of Famers Taken in 1953 NFL Draft
Doug Atkins, T, Cleveland Browns - 1st Round (11th overall)
John Henry Johnson, FB, Pittsburgh Steelers - 2nd round (18th overall)
Bob St. Clair, T, San Francisco 49ers - 3rd round (32nd overall)
Stan Jones, G-DT, Chicago Bears - 5th round (54th overall)
Jim Ringo, C, Green Bay Packers - 7th round (79th overall)
Joe Schmidt, LB, Detroit Lions - 7th round (85th overall)
Roosevelt Brown, T, New York Giants - 27th round (321st overall)

1 - Lottery Bonus Pick
2 - Acquired from the Philadelphia Eagles

 1953 NFL Draft by Team