Pro Football Draft History: 1966
The 1966 NFL Draft - November 27, 1965
Tommy Nobis First Pick: Tommy Nobis, LB, Texas
1966-76 Atlanta Falcons (11 playing seasons)
Interceptions: 12
All-Pro: 2 years
All Conference: 2 years
Pro Bowls: 5
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  Draft# Team Player Pos College
  1 Atlanta Falcons Tommy Nobis LB Texas
2 Los Angeles Rams Tom Mack T Michigan
  3 Pittsburgh Steelers Dick Leftridge FB West Virginia
  4 Philadelphia Eagles Randy Beisler DE Indiana
  5 Dallas Cowboys John Niland G Iowa
  6 Washington Redskins Charlie Gogolak K Princeton
  7 Minnesota Vikings Jerry Shay T Purdue
  8 St. Louis Cardinals Carl McAdams LB Oklahoma
  9 Green Bay Packers1 Jim Grabowski FB Illinois
  10 New York Giants Francis Peay T Missouri
  11 San Francisco 49ers Stan Hindman T Mississippi
  12 Chicago Bears George Rice T LSU
  13 Green Bay Packers Gale Gillingham T Minnesota
  14 Cleveland Browns Milt Morrin E Massachusetts
  15 Baltimore Colts Sam Ball T Kentucky
The 1966 AFL Draft - November 28, 19652
Jim Grabowski Jim Grabowski, RB, Illinois
1966-70 Green Bay Packers
1971 Chicago Bears (six total playing seasons)
Rushing: 1,731 yards, 8 TDs,
Receiving: 675 yards, 82 receptions, 3 TDs
  Draft# Team Player Pos College
  1 Miami Dolphins Jim Grabowski FB Illinois
  2 Miami Dolphins Rick Norton QB Kentucky
    Boston Patriots Karl Singer T Purdue
    Buffalo Bills Mike Dennis HB Mississippi
    Denver Broncos Jerry Shay T Purdue
    Houston Oilers Tommy Nobis LB Texas
    Kansas City Chiefs Aaron Brown E Minnesota
    New York Jets Bill Yearby T Michigan
    Oakland Raiders Rodger Bird E Kentucky
    San Diego Chargers Don Davis T Cal State-LA
Jan Stenerud

Jan Stenerud

Hall of Famers Taken in 1966 NFL Draft
Tom Mack, G, Los Angeles Rams- 1st round (2nd overall)

Hall of Famers Taken in 1966 AFL Draft
Jan Stenerud, K, Kansas City Chiefs - 3rd round (n/a)

1 - Pick acquired from the Detroit Lions
2 - As an expansion team, the Dolphins received the first two picks. The rest of the draft order is unknown, teams are listed alphabetically.

 1966 NFL and AFL Drafts by Team