1999 National Football League Draft

April 17-18, 1999

Round. Last Name, First Name, Position, College, Selected Overall

Note: The expansion Cleveland Browns received the first selection in each round. The Cleveland Browns also selected 37 players from an expansion draft held on February 6, 1999.

Arizona Cardinals
1. Boston, David, WR, Ohio State [from San Diego] 8
Shelton, L.J., OT, Eastern Michigam, 21
2. Rutledge, Johnny, LB, Florida, 51
3. Burke, Tom, DE, Wisconsin, 83
4. Makovicka, Joel, RB, Nebraska, 116
5. Johnson, Paris, DB, Miami (OH), 155
Scott, Yusef, G, Arizona, 168
6. Rhinehart, Jacoby, DB, Southern Methodist, 190
Bradley, Melvin, LB, Arkansas, 202
McKinley, Dennis, RB, Mississippi State, 206
7. Choice to Pit
Greisen, Chris, QB, Northwest Missouri State, 239

Atlanta Falcons
1. Kerney, Patrick, DE, Virgina, 30
2. Kelly, Reginald, TE, Mississippi State [from Bal] 42
Choice to SD
3. Paulk, Jeff, RB, Arizona State, 92
4. Carty, Johndale, DB, Utah State, 126
5. Baker, Eugene, WR, Kent, 164
6. Kelly, Jeff, LB, Kansas State [from SF] 198
Thigpen, Eric, DB, Iowa, 200
7. McClure, Todd, C, Louisiana State, 237
Menendez, Rondel, WR, Eastern Kentucky, 247

Baltimore Ravens
1. McAlister, Chris, DB, Arizona, 10
2. Choice to Atl
3. Choice to Det
4. Stokley, Brandon, WR, Southwestern Louisiana, 105
Mulitalo, Edwin, G, Arizona, 129
5. Choice to StL
6. Choice to NE
Choice from TB to Min
7. Poindexter, Anthony, DB, Virginia, 216

Buffalo Bills
1. Winfield, Antoine, DB, Ohio State, 23
2. Price, Peerless, WR, Tennessee, 53
3. Bryson, Shawn, RB, Tennessee, 86
4 Newman, Keith, LB, North Carolina, 119
Collins, Bobby, TE, Northern Alabama [from GB] 122
5. Foreman, Jay, LB, Nebraska, 156
6. Hatcher, Armon, DB, Oregon State, 194
7. Jackson, Sheldon, TE, Nebraska, 230
Fisher, Bryce, DE, Air Force, 248

Carolina Panthers
1. Choice to Was
2. Terry, Chris, OT, Georgia [from Ind] 34
Rucker, Mike, DE, Nebraska, 38
3. Choice to Den
4. Navies, Hannial, LB, Colorado, 100
5. Choice to Dallas
6. Daniel, Robert, DE, Northwestern State, 175
7. Booth, Tony, DB, James Madison, 211

Chicago Bears
1. McNown, Cade, QB, UCLA [from NO thru Was] 12
2 Choice to Was
Choice from Was to Oak
Davis, Russell, DT, North Carolina [from Oak] 48
3. Turner, Rex, G, Texas A&M, 66
Bates, D’Wayne, WR, Northwestern [from NO thru Was]
Booker, Marty, WR, N.E. Louisiana [from Oak] 78
4. Choice to Oak
Holdman, Warrick, LB, Texas A&M [from Was] 106
Colvin, Rosevelt, DE, Purdue [from Oak] 111
5. Choice to SD
Wisne, Jerry, G, Notre Dame [from Was] 143
Samuel, Khari, LB, Massachusetts [from NO] 144
Azumah, Jerry, RB, New Hampshire [from KC] 147
6. Choice to Cle
Cook, Rashard, DB, USC [from Cle] 184
7. Choice to GB
Sanford, Sulecio, WR, Middle Tennessee [from Cle] 221
Finn, Jim, RB, Penn [from Cle] 253

Cincinnati Bengals
1. Smith, Akili, QB, Oregon, 3
2. Fisher, Charles, DB, West Virginia, 33
3. Hall, Cory, DB, Fresno State, 65
4. Yeast, Craig, WR, Kentucky, 98
5. Williams, Nick, RB, Miami, 135
6. Kelly, Gregg, DT, Oklahoma, 173
7. Coats, Tony, G, Washington, 209
Covington, Scott, QB, Miami, 245
Broomfield, Donald, DT, Clemson, 249

Cleveland Browns
1. Couch, Tim, QB, Kentucky, 1
2. Johnson, Kevin, WR, Syracuse, 32
Abdullah, Rahim, LB, Clemson, 45
3. McCutcheon, Daylon, DB, USC, 62
Smith, Marquis, DB, California, 76
4. Choice to SF
Rainer, Wali, LB, Virginia [from SF] 124
5. Choice to SF
Chiaverini, Darrin, WR, Colorado, 148
6. Choice to Sea
Spriggs, Marcus, DT, Troy State [from ChiB] 174
Choice to ChiB
Ogle, Kendall, LB, Maryland [from Sea] 187
Dearth, James, TE. Tarleton State [from NE thru Sea] 191
7. Hill, Madre, RB, Arkansas, 207
Choice to ChiB
Choice to ChiB

Cleveland Browns (Expansion)
1. Pyne, Jim, C-OG, from Det
2. McCormack, Hurvin, DT, from Dal
3. Rehberg, Scott, OT, from NE
4. Gibson, Damon, WR, from Cin
5. Gordon, Steve, C, from SF
6. Saleh, Tarek, LB, from Car
7. Buckey, Jeff, OG, from Mia
8. Kyle, Jason, LB, from Sea
9. Manuel, Rod, DE, from Pit
10. Jones, Lenoy, LB, from Ten
11. McTyer, Tim, DB, from Phi
12. Alexander, Elijah, LB, from Bal
13. Swanson, Pete, OG, from KC
14. Williams, Gerome, DB, from SD
15. Forbes, Marlon, S, from ChiB
16. Armour, Justin, WR, from Den
17. Wiggins, Paul, OT, from Was
18. Butler, Duane, DB, from Min
19. Brock, Fred, WR, from Ariz
20. Blackwell, Kory, DB, from NYG
21. Devine, Kevin, DB, from Jac
22. Jackson, Ray, DB, from Buf
23. Bundren, Jim, OG, from NYJ
24. Cavil, Ben, OG, from Bal
25. Blair, Michael, FB, from GB
26. Anderson, Antonio, DT, from Dal
27. Bobo, Orlando, OG, from Min
28. Williams, James, LB, from SF
29. Milanovich, Scott, QB, from TB
30. Stokes, Eric, DB, from Sea
31. Moore, Ronald, RB, from Mia
32. Williams, Clarence, RB, from Buf
33. Solomon, Freddie, WR, from Phi
34. Sanders, Brandon, DB, from NYG
35. Thompson, Mike, DT, from Cin
36. McPhail. James, RB, from Det
37. Langham, Antonio, DB, from SF

Dallas Cowboys
1. Ekuban, Ebenezer, DE, North Carolina [from NE thru Sea] 20
2. Page, Solomon, OT, West Virginia, 55
3. Nguyen, Nat, LB, Texas A&M, 85
4. McGarity, Wane, WR, Texas, 118
Zellner, Peppi, DE, Fort Valley State, 132
5. Choice from Car to Sea
Choice to Den
6. Jenkins, MarTay, WR, Nebraska-Omaha, 193
7. Lucky, Mike, TE, Arizona, 229
Garmon, Kelvin, G, Baylor, 243

Denver Broncos
1. Wilson, Al, LB, Tennessee, 31
2. Reagor, Montae, DE, Texas Tech [from SF] 58
Friedman, Lennie, G, Duke, 61
3. Watson, Chris, DB, Eastern Illinois [from Car] 67
McGriff, Travis, WR, Florida, 93
4. Gary, Olandis, RB, Georgia, 127
5. Bowers, David, DE, Western Illinois [from Dal] 158
Choice to Den
Brown, Darwin, DB, Texas Tech, 167
6. Clark, Desmond, TE, Wake Forest [from NO thru Was] 179
Choice to Phi
Plummer, Chad, WR, Cincinnati, 204
7. Miller, Billy, WR, USC [from NO thru Was] 218
Swift, Justin, TE, Kansas State, 238

Detroit Lions
1. Claiborne, Chris, LB, USC, 9
Gibson, Aaron, OT, Wisconsin [from SF thru Mia] 27
2. Choice to Mia
3. DeVries, Jared, DE, Iowa [from Det thru Mia] 70
Choice from Bal to Mia
4. Irvin, Sedrick, RB, Michigan State, 103
5. Talton, Ty, DB, Northern Iowa [from Phi] 137
Choice to Mia
6. Kriewaldt, Clint, LB, Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 177
7. Pringley, Mike, DT, North Carolina, 215

Green Bay Packers
1. Edwards, Antwan, DB, Clemson, 25
2. Vinson, Fred, DB, Vanderbilt [from Sea] 47
Exercised 2nd round choice in 1998 supplemental draft
3. McKenzie, Mike, DB, Memphis, 87
Hunt, Oletidus, DT, Kentucky State, 94
4. Choice to Buf
Brooks, Aaron, QB, Virginia, 131
Bidwell, Josh, P, Oregon State, 133
5. Parker, De’Mond, RB, Oklahoma, 159
Heimburger, Craig, C, Missouri [from Min thru Oak] 163
6. Choice to Oak from Oak
Miller, Dee, WR, Ohio State, 196
Curry, Scott, OT, Montana, 203
7. Akins, Chris, DB, Arkasas-Pine Bluff [from StL] 212
Driver, Donald, WR, Alcorn State [from ChiB] 213
Choice to Det

Indianapolis Colts
1. James, Edgerrin, RB, Miami (FL), 4
2. Choice to Car
Peterson, Mike, LB, Florida [from StL] 36
3. Burlsworth, Brandon, G, Arkansas, 63
4. Miranda, Paul, DB, Central Florida [from SF] 96
Choice to SF
5. Choice to Pit
6. Choice to SF
7. Smith, Hunter, P, Notre Dame, 210
Terry, Corey, LB, Tennessee, 250

Jacksonville Jaguars
1. Bryant, Fernando, DB, Alabama, 26
2. Smith, Larry, DT, Florida State, 56
3. Cesario, Anthony, G. Colorado State, 88
4. Landolt, Kevin, DT, West Virginia, 121
5. Craft, Jason, DB, Colorado State, 160
6. Leroy, Emerlos, DT, Georgia [from TB] 182
Choice to TB
7. Choice to TB
Moronkola, Dee, DB, Washington State, 242
White, Chris, DE, Southern, 246

Kansas City Chiefs
1. Tait, John, OT, Brigham Young, 14
2. Choice to Mia
Cloud, Mike, RB, Boston College [from Mia] 54
3. Stills, Gary, LB, West Virginia, 75
Atkins, Larry, S, UCLA [from Mia] 84
4. Parker, Larry, WR, USC, 108
5. Choice to ChiB
6. Choice to TB
7. King, Eric, G, Richmond, 220

Miami Dolphins
1. Choice to SF
Choice from SF to Det
2 Johnson, James, RB, Mississippi State [from Detroit] 39
Konrad, Rob, RB, Syracuse [from KC] 43
Choice to KC
3. Choice to Det from Det
Ruegamer, Gray, C, Arizona State [from Bal thru Det] 72
Choice to KC
4. Choice to Min
5. Collins, Cecil, RB, McNeese State [from Cle thru SF] 134
Jones, Bryan, LB, Oregon State [from Det] 142
Choice to SF
6. Bartholomew, Brent, P, Ohio State, 192
7. Choice to NYG
Haley, Jermaine, DT, Butte J.C. [from Det] 232
Wong, Joe, OT, Brigham Young, 244

Minnesota Vikings
1 Underwood, Dimitrius, DE, Michigan State, 29
2. Kleinsasser, Jim, TE, North Dakota [from Pit] 44
Choice to Pit
3. Choice to Pit from Was
Choice to NE
4. Wright, Kenny, DB, Northwestern State [from Mia] 120
Humphrey, Jay, OT, Texas, 125
5. Choice to Oak
Jones, Chris, LB, Clemson, 169
6. Sawyer, Talance, DE, UNLV [from Bal] 185
Dalton, Antico, LB, Hampton, 199
7. Scarlett, Noel, DT, Langston, 236

New England Patriots
1. Woody, Damien, C, Boston College [from Sea] 17
Choice to Dal
Katzenmoyer, Andy, LB, Ohio State [from NYJ] 28
2. Faulk, Kevin, RB, LSU [from Ten] 46
Choice to Ten
3. Choice to Sea
George, Tony, S, Florida [from Min] 91
4. Choice to Ten
5. Fletcher, Derrick, G, Baylor, 154
6. Washington, Marcus, DB, Colorado, 180
Choice to Sea
7. Bishop, Michael, QB, Kansas State, 227
Money, Sean, WR, Brown, 241

New Orleans Saints
1. Williams, Ricky, RB, Texas [from Car thru Was] 5
Choice to Was
2. Choice to StL
3. Choice to ChiB
4. Choice to Was
5. Choice to Was
6. Choice to Was
7. Choice to Was

New York Giants
1. Petitgout, Luke, OT, Notre Dame, 19
2. Montgomery, Joe, RB, Ohio State, 49
3. Campbell, Dan, TE, Texas A&M, 79
4. Bennett, Sean, RB, Northwestern, 112
5. Rosenthal, Mike, OT, Notre Dame, 149
6. West, Lyle, DB, San Jose State, 189
Weathers, Andre, DB, Michigan, 205
7. Hale, Ryan, DT, Arkansas, 225
Childress, O.J., LB, Clemson [from Mia] 231

New York Jets
1. Choice to NE
2. Thomas, Randy, G, Mississippi State, 57
3. Loverne, David, OT, San Jose State, 90
4. Wiltz, Jason, DT, Nebraska, 123
5. Jones, Jermaine, DB, Northwestern State, 162
6. Magna, Marc, LB, Richmond [from Pit] 183
Machado, J.P., G, Illinois, 197
7. Young, Ryan, OT, Kansas State [from Sea] 223
Syvrud, J.J., DE, Jamestown, 235

Oakland Raiders
1. Stinchcomb, Matt, OT, Georgia, 18
2. Bryant, Tony, DE, Florida State [from Was thru Chi] 40
Choice to ChiB
3. Choice to ChiB
4. Douglas, Darneane, WR, California [from ChiB] 102
Choice to ChiB
5. Barton, Eric, LB, Maryland [from Pit] 146
Coleman, Roderick, LB, East Carolina, 153
From Pit to GB
6. Yancy, Daren, DT, Brigham Young [from GB] 188
7. Armour, JoJuan, LB, Miami (OH), 224

Philadelphia Eagles
1. McNabb, Donovan, QB, Syracuse, 2
2. Gardner, Barry, LB, Northwestern, 35
3. Brzezinski, Doug, G, Boston College, 64
4. Welbourne, John, OT, California, 97
Moore, Damon, DB, Ohio State, 128
Brown, Na, WR, North Carolina, 130
5. Choice to Det
6. Martin, Cecil, RB, Wisconsin, 172
Smith, Troy, WR, East Carolina [from Den] 201
7. Weaver, Jed, TE, Oregon, 208
Davis, Pernell, DT, Alabama-Birmingham, 251

Pittsburgh Steelers
1. Edwards, Troy, WR, Louisiana Tech, 13
2. Choice to Min
Shields, Scott, DB, Weber State [from Min] 59
3. Porter, Joey, LB, Colorado State [from Was thru Min] 73
Farris, Kris, OT, UCLA, 74
Zereoue, Amos, RB, West Virginia, 95
4 Smith, Aaron, DE, Northern Colorado, 109
5. Tuman, Jerame, TE, Michigan [from Ind] 136
Choice to Oak
Choice to Oak from Min
Johnson, Malcolm, WR, Notre Dame, 166
6. Choice to NYJ
7. Dingle, Antonio, DT, Virginia [from SD] 214
Kelsay, Chad, LB, Nebraska, 219
Brown, Kris, K, Nebraska [from Ariz] 228

St. Louis Rams
1. Holt, Terry, WR, North Carolina State, 6
2. Choice to Ind
Bly, Dre’, DB, North Carolina [from NO] 41
3. Coady, Rich, DB, Texas A&M, 68
4. Germaine, Joe, QB, Ohio State, 101
5. Scioli, Brad, DE, Penn State, 138
Spikes, Cameron, G, Texas A&M [from Bal] 145
6. Barnes, Lionel, DE, Northeast Louisiana, 176
7. Choice to GB
Williams, Rodney, P, Georgia Tech, 252

San Diego Chargers
1. Choice to Arizona
2. Exercised 2nd-round choice in 1998 supplemental draft
Fazande, Jermaine, RB, Oklahoma [from Atl] 60
3. Heiden, Steve, TE, South Dakota State, 69
4. Perry, Jason, DB, North Carolina State, 104
5. Dingle, Adrian, DE, Clemson [from ChiB] 139
Nelson, Reggie, G, McNeese State, 141
6. Bell, Tyrone, DB, North Alabama, 178
7. Choice to Pit

San Francisco 49ers
1. McGrew, Reggie, DT, Florida [from Mia] 24
Choice to Mia
2. Choice to Den
3. Okeafor, Chike, DE, Purdue, 89
4. Choice from Cle to Ind
Parker, Anthony, DB, Weber State [from Ind] 99
Prioleau, Pierson, DB, Virginia Tech [from Cle] 110
Choice to Cle
5. Jackson, Terry, RB, Florida [from Mia] 157
Hopson, Tyrone, OT, Eastern Kentucky, 161
6. Streets, Tai, WR, Michigan [from Ind] 171
Choice to Atl
7. Minor, Kory, LB, Notre Dame, 234

Seattle Seahawks
1. Choice to NE
King, Lamar, DE, Saginaw Valley [from Dallas] 22
2. Choice to GB
3. Huard, Brock, QB, Washington, 77
Bailey, Karsten, WR, Auburn [from NE] 82
4. Cochran, Antonio, DE, Georgia, 115
5. Wedderburn, Floyd, OT, Penn State [from Car thru Dal] 140
Rogers, Charlie, WR, Georgia Tech, 152
6. Johnson, Steve, DB, Tennessee [from Cle] 170
Choice to Cle
Choice from NE to Cle
7. Choice to NYJ

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1. McFarland, Anthony, DT, LSU, 15
2. King, Shaun, QB, Tulane, 50
3. Gramatica, Martin, K, Kansas State, 80
4. Jackson, Dexter, DB, Florida State, 113
5. McLaughlin, John, DE, California, 150
6. Choice to Bal
Glenn, Lamarr, RB, Florida State [from Jac] 195
7. Hunt, Robert, G, Virginia, 226
Danson, Autry, RB, Notre Dame [from Jac] 233
McDonald, Darnell, WR, Kansas State, 240

Tennessee Titans
1. Kearse, Jevon, LB, Florida, 16
2. Choice to NE
Thornton, John, DT, West Virginia [fromNE] 52
3. Piller, Zach, G, Florida, 81
4. Ware, Brad, DB, Auburn, 114
Mitchell, Donald, DB, Southern Methodist [from NE] 117
5. Daft, Kevin, QB, California-Davis, 151
6. Hall, Darran, WR, Colorado State, 186
7. Glover, Phil, LB, Utah, 222

Washington Redskins
1. Choice from Car to NO
Bailey, Champ, DB, Georgia, 7
Choice from NE
Choice from NO to ChiB
2 Jansen, Jon, OT, Michigan [from ChiB] 37
Choice to ChiB
3. Choice from NO to ChiB
Choice to Min
4. Choice to ChiB
Stimson, Nate, LB, Georgia Tech [from NO] 107
5. Choice to ChiB
Smith, Derek, OT, Virginia Tech [from Den] 165
6. Choice from NO to Den
Hall, Jeff, PK, Tennessee, 181
7. Alexander, Tim, WR, Oregon State, 217
Choice from NO to Den


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