Darrell Green Named the Associate AD at George Mason University


Gold Jacket Darrell Green wrote another chapter in his football career when he was recently named the Associate Athletic Director/Special Assistant at George Mason University earlier this week.
In the early years of Green’s 20-year Hall of Fame career, he would train in the off-season at George Mason every day and sometimes twice a day. Considering himself as a family member of the school, Green has seen first-hand how the University rose and continues the accomplishments for the last 30 years.
“I’m hoping that I bring added value to the University and I’m bringing it with humility,” said a confident Green in an exclusive phone interview with “George Mason is in great shape right now we just want to make it greater.”
Also known as Mason, the university is the largest public research school in the Commonwealth of Virginia. But that’s not the only reason why Green felt compelled to accept the offer, former teammate, colleague and Athletic Director Brad Edwards was a driving force in Green making the decision to join force with George Mason.
After battling side by side on the gridiron for years and sharing the success of being on a championship Washington Redskins team, Green was clear he wanted to reunite with a like-minded individual.
“Brad Edwards is a guy who fits well for this job,” explained Green. As a football player, he was very focused and a leader in the secondary. Brad was a very intense player and is about winning not only on the field but in life. We are going to go out and try to build on what we have and make our athletics better and bring greater visibility to our university.”
“We know about winning, hard work, success and we know about when things don’t go as planned and you have to go back to the drawing board and you work hard to set the course.”
Edwards echoed the same sentiments in a released statement by the university regarding the hiring of Green saying, “You would be hard pressed to find a more accomplished athlete and role model, an advocate for education and a community and civic leader all rolled into one individual than Darrell Green.”
Being a positive role model in the community, Green prides himself of being a worthy servant of his community. He is an Elder at Grace Covenant Church where he’s been a member for 31-years and is a man that has lived his life with a sense of purpose through the vision of God’s grace.
Also, Green is deeply rooted in the Core Values of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and knows the path one has to take in order to reach such heights (Commitment, Integrity, Courage, Respect and Excellence).
“To be able to represent the Pro Football Hall of Fame and in my humble opinion, the prerequisite of a Hall of Famer is that you’ve done something at a high level with excellence and have been successful for a long period of time,” concluded Green.

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