Gold Jacket Cris Carter Is Working with Ambrosia Treatment Center To Make A Difference


Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter teamed up with the Ambrosia Treatment Center to launch “We Do Recover” movement on Thursday.
The program is aimed to save lives by ending the stigma that is attached to addiction and addiction treatment. Currently, there are 24 million American struggling with drugs, alcohol and only 2 million are seeking treatment.
This month, Carter and members of his team that are a part of the “We Do Recover” movement, stopped by the Pro Football Hall of Fame for a private tour and a presentation of the Hall of Fame Village with the Hall’s President, David Baker.
In an exclusive interview with, Carter talked about the values of the game that help him through his battle with chemical dependencies. Getting cut by legendary Head Coach Buddy Ryan of the Philadelphia Eagles would change the course of his life.
“Being reliable, people may think that’s catching passing in a game,” said Carter. “No it’s being available for practice, it’s doing all of the small things that some of your teammates won’t necessary do. And if you look at my overall career, the reason why I got cut, was because Buddy Ryan said, ‘That I wasn’t reliable.’ So for me, my journey after that, through chemical dependency was to become reliable. Not only a reliable teammate but a reliable husband, reliable provider, I want to be a reliable son, I want to be a reliable brother and for my family members a reliable friend. So, in my journey, the reliability question, it was huge for me.”  
Ambrosia has helped more than 7,500 clients affected by mental illness and addiction since 2008 and has become the gold standard in care, priding itself on standing out from other alcohol and drug rehab centers.
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