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The Golden Anniversary Reunion officially has become a record for the most Hall of Famers from one sport in one place at one time.  The number of Pro Football Hall of Famers in Canton over the weekend hit 122. There are 280 members in the Hall of Fame and 162 are living.

Most of the record group appeared for a special photo on Friday, Aug. 2 on the Hall’s front steps.


First Row: Charley Taylor, Elvin Bethea, Willie Brown, Larry Allen, Cris Carter, Curley Culp, Jonathan Ogden, Bill Parcells, Dave Robinson, Warren Sapp, Mike Haynes, Earl Campbell,  Dan Dierdorf
Second Row: Joe Greene, Barry Sanders, Jim Taylor, Forrest Gregg, Raymond Berry, Lem Barney, Larry Little, Jim Kelly, Marv Levy, James Lofton, Billy Shaw, Chris Hanburger, Jim Brown, Ralph Wilson, Jr., Frank Gifford
Third Row: John Elway, Cortez Kennedy, Joe Namath, Fred Biletnikoff, Dan Rooney, Leroy Kelly, Paul Warfield, Tom Mack, Dan Fouts, Mel Renfro, Charley Trippi, Ken Houston, Harry Carson,  Marshall Faulk
Fourth Row: Chris Doleman, Warren Moon, Dermontti Dawson, Charlie Joiner, Lynn Swann, Roger Wehrli, Dick Butkus, Dave Wilcox, Ted Hendricks, Jerry Rice, Floyd Little, Willie Lanier
Fifth Row: Jan Stenerud, Ron Mix, Dwight Stephenson, Bobby Mitchell, Kellen Winslow, Anthony Muñoz, Art Monk, Charlie Sanders, Carl Eller, Bob St.Clair, Ronnie Lott, Bobby Bell, Jimmy Johnson
Sixth Row: Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, Jackie Smith, Michael Irvin, Dave Casper,  Howie Long, Troy Aikman,  Sam Huff, Russ Grimm, Art Shell, Ozzie Newsome 
Seventh Row: Willie Roaf, Curtis Martin, Rickey Jackson, Gale Sayers, Bob Griese, Lenny Moore, Joe Gibbs, Jim Otto, Paul Krause, Roger Staubach
Eighth Row: Randall McDaniel, Gary Zimmerman, Fred Dean, Franco Harris, Mel Blount, John Madden, John Hannah, Joe DeLamielleure, Jack Youngblood, Rayfield Wright, Jackie Slater, Andre Tippett 

Golden Anniversary Reunion Roster

Troy Aikman
Marcus Allen
Lem Barney
Bobby Bell
Raymond Berry
Elvin Bethea
Fred Biletnikoff
Mel Blount
Jim Brown
Willie Brown
Dick Butkus
Earl Campbell
Harry Carson
David Casper
Willie Davis
Dermontti Dawson
Fred Dean
Joe DeLamielleure
Richard Dent
Eric Dickerson
Dan Dierdorf
Mike Ditka
Chris Doleman
Carl Eller
John Elway
Marshall Faulk
Dan Fouts
Joe Gibbs
Frank Gifford
Darrell Green
Joe Greene
Forrest Gregg
Bob Griese
Russ Grimm
Jack Hamm
Chris Hanburger
John Hannah
Franco Harris
Mike Haynes
Ted Hendricks
Paul Hornung
Ken Houston
Sam Huff
Michael Irvin
Rickey Jackson
Jimmy Johnson
Charlie Joiner
Jim Kelly
Leroy Kelly
Cortez Kennedy
Paul Krause
Jack Lambert
Willie Lanier
Steve Largent
Marv Levy
Floyd Little
Larry Little
James Lofton
Howie Long
Ronnie Lott
Tom Mack
John Madden
Dan Marino
Curtis Martin
Bruce Matthews
Randall McDaniel
Bobby Mitchell
Ron Mix
Art Monk
Warren Moon
Lenny Moore
Mike Munchak
Anthony Muñoz
Joe Namath
Ozzie Newsome
Jim Otto
Alan Page
John Randle
Mel Renfro
Jerry Rice
Willie Roaf
Dan Rooney
Bob St. Clair
Barry Sanders
Charlie Sanders
Deion Sanders
Gale Sayers
Shannon Sharpe
Billy Shaw
Art Shell
Don Shula
Jackie Slater
Bruce Smith
Emmitt Smith
Jackie Smith
John Stallworth
Roger Staubach
Jan Stenerud
Dwight Stephenson
Lynn Swann
Charley Taylor
Jim Taylor
Lawrence Taylor
Andre Tippett
Charley Trippi
Paul Warfield
Roger Wehrli
Dave Wilcox
Ralph Wilson, Jr.
Kellen Winslow
Willie Wood
Rayfield Wright
Steve Young
Jack Youngblood
Gary Zimmerman