The NFL regularly produced promotional spots for the Hall of Fame over the years. The Hall of Fame also has been used a backdrop to numerous other television commercials over the past 50 years. Here are some samples pulled from the Hall of Fame’s archives.

HOF Commercial: Tom Landry HOF Commercial: Paul Warfield
Legendary Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry did this commercial spot produced by the NFL in the early 1990s. Hall of Fame wide receiver Paul Warfield shot this commercial spot in the early 1980s.
HOF Commercial: Bob Lilly  HOF Commercial: Don Shula
Bob Lilly had this message about the Hall of Fame for fans shortly after becoming the first Cowboy inducted in Canton. The NFL’s all-time winningest coach gets a real kick out of the Hall of Fame.
HOF Commercial: Merlin Olsen McDonald’s Commercial
One of the game's greatest defensive tackles was featured in this spot from the early 1980s. This spot was filmed from the Hall’s front steps in 1995. No, there is not a McDonald’s in our parking lot!
Visa Spot HOF Commercial: George Blanda
A commercial featuring Hall of Famers Terry Bradshaw and Dick Butkus was shot at the Hall of Fame in 1996. The man who played more seasons than any player in NFL history shares his thoughts about the Hall in the early ‘80s.
HOF Commercial: Sam Huff HOF Commercial: Sonny Jurgensen
The dream of one of the NFL’s finest middle linebackers was the theme of this spot in the ‘80s. The Hall of Fame felt like home says one of the great QBs.
HOF Commercial: Mike Ditka HOF Commercial: Gale Sayers
This spot featured the first tight end ever enshrined into the Hall of Fame. Two lucky kids got to tour the Hall of Fame with the famous running back in this spot from the late ‘70s.