Pro Football Draft History: 1963
The 1963 NFL Draft - December 3, 1962
Terry Baker First Pick: Terry Baker, B, Oregon State
1963-1965 Los Angeles Rams (three playing seasons)
Rushing: 210 yards, 1 TD
Receiving:302 yards, 30 receptions, 2 TDs
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  Draft# Team Player Pos College
  1 Los Angeles Rams Terry Baker B Oregon State
  2 St.Louis Cardinals Jerry Stovall B LSU
  3 Minnesota Vikings Jim Dunaway T Mississippi
  4 Philadelphia Eagles Ed Budde T Michigan State
  5 Baltimore Colts Bob Vogel T Ohio State
  6 Dallas Cowboys Lee Roy Jordan LB Alabama
  7 Washington Redskins Pat Richter E Wisconsin
  8 San Francisco 49ers Kermit Alexander B UCLA
  9 Cleveland Browns Tom Hutchinson E Kentucky
  10 Los Angeles Rams1 Rufus Guthrie G Georgia Tech
  11 Chicago Bears2 Dave Behrman C Michigan State
  12 Detroit Lions Daryl Sanders T Ohio State
  13 St. Louis Cardinals3 Don Brumm DE Purdue

14 Green Bay Packers Dave Robinson LB Penn State
The 1963 AFL Draft - December 1, 1962
Buck Buchanan First Pick: Buck Buchanan, T, Grambling
1963-75 Kansas City Chiefs (13 playing seasons)
182 career games
All-Pro: 4 years
All-Conference: 2 years
Pro Bowls: 8
Elected to Hall of Fame in 1990
  Draft# Team Player Pos College
1 Dallas Texans4 Buck Buchanan T Grambling
  2 San Diego Chargers Walt Sweeney E Syracuse
  3 New York Titans Jerry Stovall HB LSU
  4 Buffalo Bills Dave Behrman C Michigan State
  5 Denver Broncos Kermit Alexander HB UCLA
  6 Houston Oilers Danny Brabham FB Arkansas
  7 Boston Patriots Art Graham E Boston College
  8 Dallas Texans Ed Budde T Michigan State
Bobby Bell

Bobby Bell

Hall of Famers Taken in 1963 NFL Draft
Dave Robinson, LB, Green Bay Packers - 1st round (14th overall)
John Mackey, TE, Baltimore Colts - 2nd round (19th overall)
Jackie Smith, TE, St. Louis Cardinals - 10th round (129th overall)

Hall of Famers Taken in 1963 AFL Draft
Buck Buchanan, T, Dallas Texans - 1st round (1st overall)
Bobby Bell, LB, Dallas Texans - 7th round (56th overall)

1 - Pick acquired from the Chicago Bears
2 - Pick acquired from the Pittsburgh Steelers
3 - Pick acquired from the New York Giants
4 - Pick acquired from the Oakland Raiders


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