Pro Football Draft History: 1964
The 1964 NFL Draft - December 2, 1963
Dave Parks First Pick: Dave Parks, E, Texas Tech
1964-67 San Francisco 49ers
1968-72 New Orleans Saints
1973 Houston Oilers (10 total playing seasons)
Receiving: 5,619 yards, 360 receptions, 44 TDs
All-Pro: 2 year
All Conference: 2 year
Pro Bowls: 3
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  Draft# Team Player Pos College
  1 San Francisco 49ers Dave Parks E Texas Tech

2 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Brown G Nebraska

3 Washington Redskins Charley Taylor HB Arizona State
  4 Dallas Cowboys Scott Appleton T Texas
  5 Detroit Lions Pete Beathard QB USC

6 Minnesota Vikings Carl Eller T Minnesota
  7 Los Angeles Rams Bil Munson QB Utah State
  8 Baltimore Colts Marv Woodson HB Indiana
  9 St. Louis Cardinals Ken Kortas T Louisville
  10 Pittsburgh Steelers Paul Martha HB Pittsburgh

11 Cleveland Browns Paul Warfield HB Ohio State
  12 New York Giants Joe Don Looney B Oklahoma
  13 Green Bay Packers Lloyd Voss T Nebraska
  14 Chicago Bears Dick Evey T Tennessee
The 1964 AFL Draft - November 30, 1963
Jack Concannon First Pick: Jack Concannon, QB, Boston College
1964-66 Philadelphia Eagles
1967-71 Chicago Bears
1974 Green Bay Packers
1975 Detroit Lions (10 total playing seasons)
Passing: 6,270 yards, 36 TDs
  Draft# Team Player Pos College
  1 Boston Patriots Jack Concannon QB Boston College
  2 Kansas City Chiefs Pete Beathard QB USC
  3 New York Jets Matt Snell FB Ohio State

4 Denver Broncos Bob Brown T Nebraska
5 Buffalo Bills Carl Eller T Minnesota
  6 Houston Oilers Scott Appleton T Texas
  7 Oakland Raiders Tony Lorick HB Arizone State
  8 San Diego Chargers Mike Curtis LB Duke
Roger Staubach

Roger Staubach

Hall of Famers Taken in 1964 NFL Draft
Bob Brown, T, Philadelphia Eagles - 1st round (2nd overall)
Charley Taylor, HB, Washington Redskins - 1st round (3rd overall)
Carl Eller, DE, Minnesota Vikings - 1st round (6th overall)
Paul Warfield, HB, Cleveland Browns - 1st round (11th overall)
Mel Renfro, DB, Dallas Cowboys - 2nd round (17th overall)
Paul Krause, S, Washington Redskins - 2nd round (18th overall)
Bob Hayes, WR, Florida, A&M, Dallas Cowboys - 4th round (88th overall)*
Dave Wilcox, LB, San Francisco 49ers - 3rd round (29th overall)
Leroy Kelly, RB, Cleveland Browns - 8th round (110th overall)
Roger Staubach, QB, Dallas Cowboys - 10th round (129th overall)

* Future pick


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