Pro Football Draft History: 1995
The 1995 NFL Draft - April 22-23, 1995
Ki-Jana Carter First Pick: Ki-Jana Carter, RB, Penn State
 1995-99 Cincinnati Bengals (five playing years)
 Rushing: 747 yards, 16 TDs
 Receiving: 375 yards, 52 receptions, 1 TD
  Draft# Team Player Pos College
  1 Cincinnati Bengals1 Ki-Jana Carter RB Penn State
  2 Jacksonville Jaguars Tony Boselli T USC
  3 Houston Oilers Steve McNair QB Alcorn State
  4 Washington Redskins Michael Westbrook WR Colorado
  5 Carolina Panthers2 Kerry Collins QB Penn State
  6 St. Louis Rams Kevin Carter DE Florida
  7 Philadelphia Eagles3 Mike Mamula DE Boston College
  8 Seattle Seahawks Joey Galloway WR Ohio State
  9 New York Jets Kyle Brady TE Penn State
  10 San Francisco 49ers4 J.J. Stokes WR UCLA
  11 Minnesota Vikings5 Derrick Alexander DE Florida State

12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers6 Warren Sapp DT Miami
  13 New Orleans Saints Mark Fields LB Washington State
  14 Buffalo Bills Ruben Brown G Pittsburgh
  15 Indianapolis Colts Ellis Johnson DT Florida
  16 New York Jets7 Hugh Douglas DE Central State (OH)
  17 New York Giants Tyrone Wheatley RB Michigan
  18 Oakland Raiders Napolean Kaufman RB Washington
  19 Jacksonville Jaguars8 James Stewart RB Tennessee
  20 Detroit Lions Luther Elliss DT Utah
  21 Chicago Bears Rashaan Salaam RB Colorado
  22 Carolina Panthers9 Tyrone Poole DB Fort Valley State
  23 New England Patriots Ty Law DB Michigan
  24 Minnesota Vikings Korey Stringer T Ohio State
  25 Miami Dolphins Billy Milner T Houston
  26 Atlanta Falcons10 Devin Bush DB Florida State
  27 Pittsburgh Steelers Mark Bruener TE Washington

28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers11 Derrick Brooks LB Florida State
  29 Carolina Panthers12 Blake Brockermeyer DT Texas
  30 Cleveland Browns13 Craig Powell LB Ohio State
  31 Kansas City Chiefs14 Trezelle Jenkins T Michigan
  32 Green Bay Packers15 Craig Newsome DB Arizona State
Warren Sapp

Warren Sapp

Hall of Fame Taken in 1995 NFL Draft

Warren Sapp, DT, Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 1st round (12th overall)
Derrick Brooks, LB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 1st round (28th overall)
Curtis Martin, RB, New England Patriots - 3rd round (74th player overall)

1 - Pick acquired from the Carolina Panthers
2 - Pick acquired from the Cincinnati Bengals
3 - Pick acquired from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4 - Pick acquired from Atlanta thru Cleveland
5 - Pick acquired from Denver thru Atlanta
6 - Pick acquired from the Philadelphia Eagles
7 - Pick acquired from the Arizona Cardinals
8 - Pick acquired from the Kansas City Chiefs
9 - Pick acquired from the Green bay Packers
10 - Pick acquired from the Cleveland Browns
11 - Pick acquired from the Dallas Cowboys
12 - Pick acquired from the San Diego Chargers
13 - Pick acquired from the San Francisco 49ers
14 - Pick acquired from the Jacksonville Jaguars
15 - Pick acquired from the Carolina Panthers

 1995 NFL Draft by Team