Economic impact of HOF Weekend


The Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce, Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival, in conjunction with the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Canton/Stark County Convention and Visitors’ Bureau announced today the results of a comprehensive economic impact survey conducted during the 2005 Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival.  
Aerial_2005_250-175.jpgThe survey was designed to collect the tourism spending data required to estimate the Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival’s annual economic impact on Canton/Stark County and the State of Ohio during the 11-day event. 
The survey reveals an annual economic impact estimated at $26.7 million on Canton/Stark County.  The survey also estimates a $48.4 million economic impact by the Festival on the State of Ohio. 
“We haven’t scientifically gathered information regarding the Festival’s economic impact since 1985,” commented Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival Director Joanne Murray.  “This new study validates what we have always believed, that the annual economic impact on the Canton/Stark County region and entire State of Ohio, is very significant.” 
The Enigma Research Corporation conducted the survey.  Enigma is an international corporation with offices in the United States, Canada and Germany and has conducted similar studies for more than 300 events worldwide.  Their expert researchers work with top economists to measure direct economic impact, taxes generated, and employment created through special events.
Michael Harker, senior partner of Enigma Research Corporation, led the team of professional researchers who conducted the Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival survey.  Two thousand Festival attendees were interviewed for the survey during the multi-day event. 
“The Pro Football Hall of Fame is proud of the important economic role it plays in the region,” said Ron Dougherty, Interim Executive Director of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  “Our success, however, has always been a two-way street.  While the Hall of Fame provides the region with a valuable attraction with international exposure, the community has always been an important partner in promoting and supporting our status as a first-class travel destination.” 

“The Convention & Visitors’ Bureau has always known that the Festival’s impact on area tourism is huge,” noted John Kiste, Executive Director of the Canton/Stark County Convention & Visitors’ Bureau.  “This survey demonstrated that visitors came from 33 different states to participate in these events, and three-quarters of them said they are likely to return.”

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