NFL Celebrates Hall Of Famers Who Attended HBCUs


The National Football League and Historically Black Colleges and Universities have shared a long rich tradition together, which have produced the greatest legends to have ever played the game.
In fact, ten percent of the Pro Football Hall of Fame is comprised of NFL Legends who attended HBCUs.
That’s why it was so appropriate in May of 2016 that the NFL partnered with the MEAC and SWAC to develop and strength their relationship for future endeavors.
The partnership is put in place to celebrate and honor the history and impact that HBCUs have had on the game. Another key component of the partnership, is to increase career opportunities for students and football administrators at these institutions.
During December 15-16, a special conference was held at the NFL headquarters that focused on career and character development. Conference goers from the MEAC and SWAC had the unique opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the NFL from some of the league’s best NFL and Club executives.  
The 2016 Celebration Bowl served as the kick off to the league’s enriched partnership with the MEAC and SWAC. The conclusion of the well celebrated partnership will close at Super Bowl LI with a special celebration of Pro Football Hall of Fame players that attended HBCUs.
As the NFL made their announcement last May of joining forces with Historically Black Colleges and Universities, so did the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Black College Football Hall of Fame have entered into an agreement that the Pro Football Hall of Fame will permanently host all of the rich tradition, history and artifacts of the men that have played and served at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Seven months ago the Hall officially announced the partnership between the two great organizations. Find out more about the rich history>>>
During a special pregame ceremony at Super Bowl LI in Houston, the NFL will continue the tradition of honoring Legends and historic players, by recognizing the Hall of Famers that attended HBCUs.

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