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"The toughest part of it all is not the physical punishment you take, but rather it’s the constant fatigue you must fight off. You drain yourself on every play, pushing and pushing yourself. Your body is conditioned to absorb the knocks, but no matter what shape you’re in, there are many factors that tend to tire you out. If someone hits me a good lick, chances are good I won’t even feel it until the next day. But you don’t realize how much it takes out of man when he tries to hand-wrestle or throw a 250-pount lineman?”

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(Tennessee)...6'8'', 257...Douglas Leon Atkins ... All-American tackle at Tennessee ... Browns No. 1 draft pick, 1953  ...  Ring-leader of powerful Bears defensive units for 12 years  ...  Exceptionally strong, agile, earned legendary acclaim as devastating pass rusher  ...  Often leap-frogged blockers to get at passer  ...  Scrimmage-line regular for then-record 17 years, 205 games  ...  All-NFL four years  ...  Played in eight Pro Bowls  ...  Born May 8, 1930, in Humboldt, Tennessee ... Died December 30, 2015, at age of 85.