Ed Sabol

Founder/President/Chairman 1964-1995 NFL Films

“Big Ed”

Ed Sabol

32 seasons
52 Emmy Awards




Emmy Awards
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"I don't think anybody knows as much about football as my people. We see more than anyone in the world. A coach or a player may see one game a week, but we see 14 professional games every week.

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(Ohio State)...0'0'', 0...Edwin Milton Sabol ... Aspiring filmmaker, who hatched idea of forming Blair Productions … Doubled bid to receive film rights to 1962 NFL Championship Game … Continued shooting NFL and company became NFL Films two years later … During his tenure, NFL Films won 52 Emmy Awards … His vision led NFL Films in revolutionizing manner in which sports are presented … Born September 11, 1916 in Atlantic City, New Jersey ... Died Feb. 9, 2015, at age of 98.