Leo Nomellini

Defensive Tackle

“The Lion”

Leo Nomellini

14 seasons
6 All-NFL selections
10 Pro Bowls




All-NFL selections


Pro Bowls
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"I really like to play football. It’s tough and it’s hard and no pro football owners can pay a player enough for the punishment they take. You just have to like it—and I do.”

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(Minnesota)...6'3'', 259...Leo Joseph Nomellini. . .Two-time Minnesota All-America. . . 49ers' first-ever NFL draft choice, 1950. . .Played every 49ers game for 14 seasons, 174 regular-season and 266 pro games in all. . .Excellent defensive pass rusher, bulldozing offensive blocker. . .All-NFL six times, two years on offense, four years on defense. . .Named NFL's all-time defensive tackle. . . Played in 10 Pro Bowl games. . .Born June 19, 1924, in Lucca, Italy. . .Died October 17, 2000, at age of 76.