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Weeb Ewbank

20 seasons
130 career wins




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"There’s always a place for people who can play. I’ll tolerate how you look and what you do if you can play football and help us win.”

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(Miami - Ohio)...Wilbur Charles Ewbank. . .Only coach to win world championships in both NFL, AFL. . .His 1958, 1959 Colts won NFL crowns, 1968 Jets AFL, Super Bowl III titles. . .Took first pro head coach job at age of 47. . . Led both Colts, Jets to championships with patient, effective building programs paced by brilliant quarterbacks. . .Possessed great ability to judge, handle young talent. . .Coached 130 career wins. . . Born May 6, 1907, in Richmond, Indiana. . .Died November 17, 1998, at age of 91.