Wellington Mara


“The Duke”

Wellington Mara

69 seasons
16 divisional titles
4 NFL championships




divisional titles


NFL championships
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"I spent all my time with the players and coaches. The players used to call me 'Duke’ because of my name. I watched game movies and sat in on team meetings and at that time knew every assignment on the team, offense and defense. I don’t have time to do that anymore. And I’m not that close to the players either. They call Mr. Mara now.”

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(Fordham)...0'0'', 0...Wellington Timothy Mara ... Spent entire adult life with Giants ... Assistant to the President and Treasurer, 1937; Secretary, 1938-1940; Vice-President and Secretary, 1945-1958; Vice-President, 1959-1965; President, 1966-1990; President and Co-Chief Executive Officer, 1991-2005 ... With Mara’s extensive experience in organization, player personnel, trading and drafting, Giants won 16 divisional (including two after his induction), four NFL titles including two Super Bowls ... Served on several league committees ... NFC President, 1984-2005 ... Born August 14, 1916, in New York, New York ... Died October 25, 2005, at age of 89.