The RNC Continues To Roll Through Canton


The Pro Football Hall of Fame prides itself on being “The Most Inspiring Place on Earth!” So it’s only fitting for members of the GOP to make a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Canton, Ohio while attending the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
The Hall of Fame had the honor of entertaining nearly 500 delegates from California, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Missouri and Wyoming this week.
Among those who made the short trek south from Cleveland to the Hall were Governors Susana Martinez from New Mexico and Pete Ricketts of Nebraska.
Each group had the opportunity to tour the Hall, enjoy private presentations from the Hall of Fame’s curator and get a special viewing of “A Game for Life,” the new holographic immersive experience opening this weekend.
“Other than the convention, this is the highlight of our trip,” said Executive Director of the Nebraska Republican Party Bud Synhorst. “Everybody was excited when we said we were coming to Canton.”
Whether it was viewing the hollow ground of the busts or touching Guy Chamberlin’s University of Nebraska’s stadium blanket, one thing is for certain, “A Game for Life” blew the minds of the guests.
“I thought it was outstanding,” said Ricketts. “It really pulls together how important the values of integrity, dedication, hard work and putting the team first are important in not only sports like football but success in life. I think that’s a huge lesson especially for our young people and to be able to take that away in a venue like this is perfect.”
“One thing that the coaches asked in the ‘A Game for Life’ was, asks yourself what it is you can do to make your team better,” said Governor Martinez. “The team is not politics. Our team are the people we represent because we are public servants and little kids aren’t Republicans and Democrats. We should be helping every child learn the most they can. Play sports, learn the discipline and then come out ahead, at the end of the day being great people like Minnesota’s Supreme Court Justice, Alan Page.”
As the Pro Football Hall of Fame continues to inspire through its core values of Commitment, Integrity, Courage, Respect, and Excellence, the hope is that families leave this sacred ground with a unique experience that will last a lifetime.
“I have had a ball at the Hall of Fame and I think that everybody in America that loves football needs to come to Canton,” exclaimed Synhorst.

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