Pro Football Hall of Fame Team


Jim Porter, President

Adrian Allison, Chief Relationship Officer

Rich Desrosiers, Chief Communications & Content Officer

Joe Hawkins, Chief Sales & Development Officer

Patricia Lindesmith, Executive Vice President of Sponsorships & Partnerships

Anthony Muñoz, Chief Football Relationship Officer

Elie Stephan, Chief Marketing Officer

Olga Bell, Senior Director of Human Resources

Janet Capocci, Executive Assistant to the President

Matt Clapper, Vice President of Finance

Jerry Csaki, Senior Director of Youth, Education & Leadership

Joe Horrigan, Senior Advisor

Michelle Hunt, Senior Director of Purchasing & Licensing

Jon Kendle, Vice President of Museum & Archives

Bob Linc, Senior Director of Sponsorships

Jim Macris, Senior Director of Admissions & Ticketing

Chad Reese, Senior Director of Information Technology

Cheryl Shepherd, Senior Director of Hospitality/Events

Kevin Shiplett, Senior Director of Operations

Rob Sine, Senior Director of Sales

Nick Stilianos, Vice President of Operations & Facilities

Darrin Werbeck, Senior Director of Digital Strategy

Taylor Abbott, Black College Football Hall of Fame Manager

Jason Aikens, Curator of Collections

Ben Ankrum, Curator of Exhibits

Kelly Antram, Accounting Generalist

Rory Arnold, Senior Manager of Cybersecurity & Infrastructure

Pat Bearducci, Group Tours Manager

Adam Brass, Partnership Activation Executive

Zack Church, Manager of Event Logistics & Facilities

Brian Clow, Maintenance Assistance

Brad Collins, Registrar

Paul Cugini, Manager of Hospitality

Kayla Daniels, Events Coordinator

Don Dedmon, Manager of Network Operations & Technology

Hayden Dennis, Hall of Famer Support Coordinator

Justin Ford, Director of Merchandise

Brianna Gordon, Coordinator of Centennial Plaza Productions

Brandon Gosnell, Staff Accountant

Vince Guardado, Sports Program Manager

Kyle Heim, Partnership Sales Executive

Gia Helmling, Design & Brand Manager

Katie Hiestand, Hall of Famer Outreach Coordinator

Leah Hogsed, Merchandise Accounts Payable Coordinator

Roger Hoover, Creative Director

Shaun Horrigan, Senior Manager of Original Content

Jamir Howerton, Senior Manager of Digital Content

Eric Jones, Technology Help Desk Coordinator

Nathan Kennedy, Hospitality & Event Sales Coordinator

Cory Kidwell, Senior Manager of Safety and Security

Mike Knott, Retail Store Manager

Hannah Kozma, Retail Office Associate

Jonathan La, Hall of Famer Outreach Coordinator

Angela Lewers, Social Media Coordinator

Nathan Martin, Youth, Education & Leadership Coordinator

Marcus Mercer, Partnership Activation Executive

Carmen Misja, Digital Content Coordinator

Michelle Norris, Director of Operations for Hall of Famer Relations

Jack Preusser, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

Jake Ray, Youth, Education & Leadership Manager

Jackson Ritthamel, Communications Coordinator

Denny Saunier, Director of Development

Chris Schilling, Executive Assistant

Barry Schreffler, Maintenance Supervisor

Darlene Schuring, Sales Executive

Jeff Shreve, Hall of Famer Relations & Wellness Manager

Jim Smith, Content Manager

Lisa Sponseller, Hospitality Sales & Event Planning Coordinator

Michael Unckrich, Manager of Membership & Ticket Services

Jamie Vanaman, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Galina Vinograd, Supervisor of Theater Operations

Sara Wehner, Graphic Designer

Kylie Wolf, Retail Office Associate

Pat Wyatt, Centennial Plaza Operations Manager

Jeremy Wyche, Hall of Famer Outreach Coordinator

John Yannie, Hospitality Facilitator