Carl Eller picks Week 3 games


THIS WEEK’S HALL OF FAMER: Carl Eller, Class of 2004
Eller was a mainstay of the Minnesota Vikings “Purple People Eaters” defensive line. He was not only a devastating pass rusher but also incredibly effective against the run. He was named first-or second-team All-NFL each season from 1967-1973 and voted to six Pro Bowls.

Today, Eller resides in Minnesota where he is involved with some “green” initiatives of sustainable and renewable energies in his community. He’s also kept busy by his work with retired NFL player issues, and is associated with an Internet television protocol company called Safeworld. Eller recently began writing his autobiography. When he finds free time, he continues to be an avid fan of his alma mater Minnesota Gophers and is excited about the team’s new stadium. Eller also is a big follower of his Minnesota Vikings who he considers to be one of the NFL’s most exciting teams.

Carl’s “Hall of Fame” picks of the week

Bronzed Bust
Miami at San Diego - It’s going to be an important game for both teams. I think Miami is going pretty strong but they cannot afford to lose another one. San Diego will need to rebound from the loss to the Ravens.

I like the Chargers beginning with what they got going last season when the really came on. This year some injuries are popping up and so they’re still trying to find out what they have. You could say the same thing about the Dolphins, they’re trying to figure out just who they are. Look at Monday, they had the ball the whole game and they still end up losing. But, they have some talent. I’ve got to go with the Chargers this week.

Gold Jacket
{GALLERY}New Orleans at Buffalo - Well, I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with Buffalo but New Orleans is a big-time team and Drew Brees is hot. I think the Saints are really going to make a run for it this season. They have to keep things going as they’re just on fire right now. I pick New Orleans in this one.

Hall of Fame Ring
Chicago at Seattle - These are two teams that you don’t know what they’re going to do which can always make for an exciting game. Neither of these teams are where they want to be yet.  I think they’ll both end up at the middle of the pack. I think last week was a big, big game for the Bears and it’ll be interesting to see if they can keep it up this week or whether it may have been a bad day for Pittsburgh last Sunday. This will be an interesting game. I’ll take the Bears over the Seahawks.

Here is who else I like in Week 3.

Of course, I’m taking the Vikings over the 49ers.
Philadelphia at home against Kansas City
The Ravens over Cleveland
Giants will beat the Buccaneers
I like Atlanta over New England
Jets go to 3-0 with a win over Tennessee
Green Bay over St. Louis
Jacksonville downs Houston
Washington over Detroit
Denver over Oakland
Pittsburgh will beat Cincy
Arizona over Indianapolis
The Cowboys win on Monday night against the Panthers

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