Week 2 picks by Dave Wilcox


THIS WEEK’S HALL OF FAMER: Dave Wilcox, Class of 2000
Wilcox earned the nickname “The Intimidator” as a hard-hitting linebacker with the San Francisco 49ers for 11 seasons (1964-1974). He was named to seven Pro Bowls and selected All-NFL five times. Today, he enjoys life from his home in Oregon. He and his wife Merle regularly attend Boise State football games where their son Justin serves as the team’s defensive coordinator.  In addition, Dave hones his golf skills by playing in charity golf outings around the country.
Wilcox’s “Hall of Fame” picks of the week.

Bronzed Bust
Seattle at San Francisco. The 49ers went down and beat a Super Bowl team last week. I think they’re playing pretty well. I really like their new coach, my fellow Hall of Famer Mike Singletary.  The Seahawks also have a fresh approach with a new coach so I think this will be an excellent game to watch. I like the style the 49ers are playing now and I’ve got to root for the ol’ 49ers, my old team. It might be 38-37 but San Francisco is going to win this one.

{GALLERY}Gold Jacket
Dallas at New York Giants. I don’t know if Jeff Feagles (Giants punter) can hit the new scoreboard or not. But, some say if you hit it you get an extra point! The game could be 8-7. The Dallas punter Mat McBriar will need to work on that. I do like Eli Manning at QB and you may know that I have a long history with the Cowboys. So, if they get beat once in awhile, it’s okay with me! I think both the Giants and the Cowboys run the ball well which will be fun to see. I know everything’s big in Texas (including the Cowboys front line) but Giants will win this one.

Hall of Fame Ring

Oakland at Kansas City. I’m not so sure a lot of you want to watch this one but it’ll be good. I saw the Raiders play in preseason against the Saints. They may have been one of the worse teams I’ve ever seen play, at least that day. Then, I tuned in on Monday night and they we’re a different team. They played really well against the Chargers. I’m kind of rooting for them. Who knows, they might even challenge San Diego for the division. I’m going with the Raiders this week.

As for the rest of the games in Week 2, here’s who else I like.

Titans over the Texans (I like Jeff Fisher)
The Vikings will beat the Lions....because of that RB they have
Falcons over the Panthers
How about Drew Brees…give me the Saints over the Eagles
Arizona looked shaky….I’m taking the Jaguars over the Cardinals
Packers over the Bengals
Patriots will beat the Jets
Redskins over the Rams
Poor Bills on Monday….let’s go with Buffalo over the Bucs this weekend
This will be a great one. I’m taking San Diego over Baltimore
The Browns are winning in Denver
Steelers over the Bears
Miami’s winning on Monday night vs. the Colts

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