Art Monk's Week 4 Picks


THIS WEEK’S HALL OF FAMER: Art Monk, Class of 2008

Monk was the first round draft pick of the Washington Redskins in 1980. He recorded 50 or more catches nine times during his career and set then-NFL records for receptions in a season (106), most consecutive games with a catch (164) and career catches (820). He finished his career with 940 receptions.

Today, Art still lives and works in the Washington, D.C. area where he’s employed by Alliant Merchant Services which is part of the credit card processing industry. Art remains a big supporter of the Redskins.

Art’s “Hall of Fame” picks of the week.

Bronzed Bust
Green Bay at Minnesota – Obviously Brett Favre is the big news right now. Add to that the fact that the Vikings and Packers are such great rivals and this is going to be an exciting game to watch. The Vikings are playing really well and obviously have some momentum going into this one. The Packers are also on a bit of a roll. I’m sure that Brett will want to play big in this one and he’s breathing some new life in the Vikings. So, I’ve got to go with the Vikings.

Gold Jacket
{GALLERY}Buffalo at Miami – Again, we’ve got a division game. They’re always big but this particular one is so important to both teams if they’re going to make a run this season. You’ve got Terrell Owens drawing attention as well as both teams battling some injuries which makes this game all the more intriguing to watch. With Miami missing their QB, that’s always a tough thing. It simply means that the rest of the team has to pick it up a level and go from here. Injuries are always a funny thing in that you get used to playing with all the first-team players and suddenly that’s broken up and you have to adjust. Both teams will have to pick up the pace. I’m going with the Dolphins at home.

Hall of Fame Ring
San Diego at Pittsburgh – Both the Chargers and Steelers have high hopes for this season and really have to get things going. Tomlinson is still the man for the Chargers. The Steelers are Super Bowl champs but haven’t got off to a good start. They can’t take anything lightly and have to really be ready for the Chargers. It’s a big game for them and they’re up against a really good team. They can’t afford to continue losing close games, they’ve got turn the ship around and play like they’re capable of doing. However, I’m going with San Diego.

Here is who else I think will be adding one to the win column this weekend.
Of course, I’m always going to with Washington. They haven’t played to the level they can and I’m looking for them to rebound with a win over Tampa Bay.
Baltimore will win on the road in New England
The Bears over the Lions
I like Jacksonville over Tennessee
Raiders will beat Houston
Cincinnati over the Browns
Colts will win at home against Seattle
The Giants will beat Kansas City
Jets over the Saints
49ers to defeat the Rams
And I never thought I’d say this, but I like the Cowboys, at least on Sunday. I think they’ll win over Denver.

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