Riggo runs down Week 14


THIS WEEK’S HALL OF FAMER: John Riggins, Class of 1992
Fullback John Riggins was one of the most punishing runners in National Football League history during his career with the New York Jets and Washington Redskins. The MVP of Super Bowl XVII, Riggins rushed for more than 11,000 yards and scored 104 rushing TDs during his Hall of Fame career.

Today, after spending the last 15-20 years in broadcasting, Riggins lives in Maryland where he recently has gotten involved in the world of social media. In his own words, “I may be an old dog but I can still learn new tricks. I understand this technology and I am having a great deal of fun with it.”

You can follow John at Twitter.com/Riggo44. However, you should know that he does a great deal of his tweeting during Redskins games and commenting about his old team. So, don’t look for any commentary about his recent trip to the department store!

John’s picks for Week 14

{GALLERY}Bronzed Bust
Philadelphia at New York Giants - The Eagles-Giants game is a big one. I think both teams are sensing another December collapse by the Dallas Cowboys and now have an opportunity to capture the NFC East Division. Philadelphia is a streaky team and can be very dangerous, but this game is in New York and I think the Giants fans, who will be totally charged, will give New York the advantage they need. I’m going with the Giants.

Gold Jacket

Cincinnati at Minnesota - I am not surprised that Minnesota lost to the Arizona Cardinals last week. Although I think that Minnesota is one of the best teams in the National Football League, when a defense gets after Favre and pressures him, he makes mistakes. I am sure that Cincinnati was watching this. Look for the Bengals to do the same thing to Favre this weekend. But the Bengals do have to be mindful of Adrian Peterson. They do not want him to get going or it will spell certain doom. Cincinnati must get ahead in this game early if they are going to win. I’m taking Cincy.

Hall of Fame Ring
New Orleans at Atlanta is an interesting game. The Saints have been thrust into the national spotlight with a great deal of pressure to finish undefeated. I think they have a chance to do this with Drew Brees as their quarterback. In my opinion, he is this year’s MVP. Atlanta, however, is still dangerous and they are desperate to win this game. To do this, they must get after Brees. New Orleans was lucky to get out of Washington with a win last week and they are banged up on defense. It is hard not to root for a city like New Orleans with everything that community has gone through the last few years. I look forward to the Saints flexing their muscle again this weekend.

And here are the rest of my picks for the week.

Steelers will win in Cleveland
The Texans, at home, will beat Seattle
Kansas City gets a win over Buffalo
Packers over the Bears
Jets will win in Tampa
Dolphins win at Jacksonville
The Ravens over Detroit
New England will beat Carolina
Raiders over the Redskins
Colts run it to 13-0 with a win over Denver
The Titans will take care of the Rams
San Diego will down Dallas
Cardinals win over San Fran

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