Divisional Playoff Picks


Well my Wild-Card Weekend picks were as bad as the play was from my hometown favorite Philadelphia Eagles. My picks, and the Eagles game, were both terrible. I went 0-4, and the Eagles got smoked in Dallas. As I mentioned in my last blog, one of the great things about working here at the Hall of Fame is that we support and represent all 32 NFL teams equally so we will always have a winner each year to celebrate. As much as I was down after the Eagles loss on Saturday night, after talking to my friends at the Eagles, I am very glad I was not back with the team where it was a very, very tough week. The sting lasts throughout the entire playoffs until after the Super Bowl when all the focus turns to the next season.

I was in New York for most of this week meeting with people from the NFL and retailers discussing new Hall of Fame product for 2010. This is an exciting time as the new styles and items are in development and getting ready to be available to the public in late April coinciding with the NFL Draft. We also announced our Class of 2010 finalists and there are some great people up for induction this year. We are developing product for all of the finalists to have ready on our website as soon as the Class of 2010 is announced on February 6th at 5:00 p.m. ET. This gets a little tricky as we have to create 17 different versions of each item because we do not know who is going to be elected. We find out at the same time you do when our President Steve Perry opens the evelope to announce the new Class.

So back to my picks for this weekend. My seven-year-old son picked three of the four playoff games last weekend and only lost the Eagles game because I influenced him on his pick. So I will list my picks with the scores below and let you know where he disagrees with me:

Chargers 27, Jets 13
Ravens 24, Colts 23
Saints 37, Cardinals 34 (my son likes the Cardinals)
Cowboys 27, Vikings 24 (my son likes the Vikings)

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