An unpredictable year


We are just past the midpoint of the season and it is time for my predictions for the 2010 playoffs. This has been a crazy year with one upset after another. Every time you think you have something figured out it changes the next week. Who would have thought the Browns would beat the last three Super Bowl champions for all three of their wins? How is it possible that Dallas and Minnesota only have three wins. Every expert I know picked the Vikings and Cowboys to make the playoffs. They both will need to win out just to have a chance to make the playoffs.

Last year, I must say that I did very well predicting the division winners and Wild Cards, but terrible in the playoffs. The NFC has pretty much made it seven teams for five spots plus the winner of the NFC West. In the AFC just about everyone is alive. I cannot find any real surprises for my picks right now. In the NFC I think the Bucs will be close because they have an easy schedule, the Bears could sneak in also, and the Rams seem too young. In the AFC the Jets could easily be the top seed, the Titans still seem to be close and the Raiders and Chiefs just don’t have enough. So, here are my playoff picks at the moment:

NFC: Falcons (1), Packers (2), Eagles (3), and 49ers (4) win their divisions. Giants (5) and Saints (6) are the Wild Cards. Falcons and Packers get the byes as the #1 and #2 seeds.

AFC: Patriots (1), Ravens (2), Colts (3), and Chargers (4) win their divisions. Jets (5) and Steelers (6) are the Wild Cards. Patriots and Ravens get the byes as the #1 and #2 seeds.

Now, it’s on to Week 12. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and enjoys watching a full day of football!

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