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The Pro Football Hall of Fame exists because of the history that is made every season in the National Football League. Sometimes we’re preserving ancient (in football terms that about 100 years or so) history other times it’s more recent events. There were a few interesting historical side notes to yesterday’s full slate of exciting action.

The Cleveland Browns beat the Miami Dolphins, 13-10. It marked the first time that Cleveland has won in Miami in 40 years. While four decades seems like a long time, it’s important to note that the Browns and Dolphins only played five times (three regular season and two playoff games) in Miami since the Browns beat the Dolphins in 1970. That win came on Oct. 25, 1970 as Cleveland shutout Miami, 28-0. The Browns’ defense was the story that day and was led by RLB Dale Lindsey and DB Erich Barnes who both chipped in with three tackles and an interception. Lindsey (photo below) returned his pick 56 yards for a TD late in the first half to put Cleveland ahead, 14-0.

Meanwhile in Indy, it had been 21 years since a Colts’ player returned a blocked punt for a score. Taj Smith had the honors yesterday when he bolted through the line and not only snuffed the Cowboys punt but recovered the football for the touchdown. The last time that the Colts scored a touchdown that way came on Sept. 10, 1989. Albert Bentley recovered the football in the end zone after teammate Chris Goode blocked the punt against the San Francisco 49ers.

Another interesting milestone centered around Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers who has not thrown a pick since Oct. 24 when the Minnesota Vikings intercepted two of his passes. He’s been able to avoid having any of his passes stolen by the Jets, Cowboys, Vikings, Falcons, and 49ers ever since. That marks the first time a Packers quarterback has not thrown an interception in five consecutive starts since Bart Starr. The Hall of Fame QB accomplished his string of games without an interception in 1966.

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