My Conference Championship picks


I was 3-1 on my picks for the Divisional Round games after missing on the Patriots/Jets prediction.

In the AFC the Steelers vs. Ravens game was a great game with turnovers being the key factor which is usually the case in the playoffs. The Ravens looked like they were rattled in the second half and gave the Steelers some easy points off turnovers. The Steelers looked as tough as ever and now get to play the AFC Championship game at home this weekend after the Patriots lost. The Jets pulled a major upset beating the Patriots in Foxboro. What a huge win for the Jets. They won the game on defense making the Patriots and Tom Brady look human. Brady even threw an interception in the first half which was a good sign for the Jets. A tough matchup for the Jets now in Pittsburgh and the only thing in their way to the Super Bowl. The Steelers will be tough to beat at home, but I would not put anything past the Jets right now with the way their defense is playing.

In the NFC both games were won with ease by the Packers and Bears. Aaron Rodgers was simply amazing in Atlanta. The Packers went in and crushed the Falcons at home which was also pretty amazing. The Packers scored with ease and kept the Falcons offense pretty much in check throughout the entire game. The Matt Ryan interception return for a touchdown before the end of the half was a back breaker for the Falcons. In the other NFC game, the Bears were in complete control vs. the Seahawks the entire game. The Seahawks looked tired after their big win vs. the Saints the week before. The Bears were rested and ferocious on defense while Cutler threw touchdowns without very much pressure from the Seahawks defense.

Could the Super Bowl be a matchup of the two #6 seeds? That would be a first, but I do not think it will happen. I do think we will see one #6 seed in the big game. Here are my picks for this weekend to play for the Super Bowl in North Texas on February 6th:

NFC: Packers over the Bears 27-17.
AFC: Steelers over the Jets 20-13

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