My first playoff blog …Go Eagles!!!


The next two weekends are two of my favorite weekends of the year. There are two games each day and they are all elimination games. The playoffs begin with the Wild Card Weekend on Saturday. In my opinion, this year has the strongest crop of Wild Card contenders ever. Three of the four Wild Card teams have better records than the home teams, and in the fourth game the teams have the same record. As always, there will be plenty of upsets along the way. I will blog each week leading up to the Super Bowl with my predictions.

First, a recap of where my mid-season predictions ended up. In the NFC, I picked the Falcons #1, Packers #2, Eagles #3, 49ers #4, and the Giants (#5) and Saints (#6) as the Wild Cards. I was right on the Falcons, Eagles and Saints. I missed with the Bears and Seahawks winning their divisions, and the Packers beating out the Giants for the Wild Card. In the AFC, I picked the Patriots #1, Ravens #2, Colts #3, Chargers #4, and the Jets (#5) and Steelers (#6) as Wild Cards. I was right with five of the six teams that made the playoffs with the Chiefs replacing the Chargers as my only miss. I also had the Steelers and Ravens reversed. Not bad overall though.

Here’s my take on the playoffs.

NFC Wild Card: Eagles over the Packers 27-24; Saints over the Seahawks 31-17.

AFC Wild Card: Jets over the Colts 24-23; Ravens over the Chiefs 27-17.

My Super Bowl prediction…….with some hometown bias……..Patriots vs. Eagles……and without hometown bias…..Patriots vs. Bears.

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