Playoffs - Divisional Round


Wild Card Weekend was as good as ever with four great games. The NFL continued to show that they are the kings of television as the NFL set record after record for TV viewership and ratings. Besides my hometown Eagles losing, it was a great weekend of football.

I was dead on with my AFC predictions as both the Jets and Ravens won. The Jets played a great game and it came down to a field goal as time expired. The Ravens were in control almost the entire game vs. the Chiefs. You could tell the Chiefs were playing in the playoffs for the first time in a while with all the turnovers. The Chiefs have a bright future though with a solid group of young players.

In the NFC I missed along with everyone else with the Seahawks upset. What a great game. Home field is such an advantage for Seattle and they used it to the full extent vs. the Saints. I thought the Seahawks were in trouble when the were down 10 points twice in the first quarter. The Saints defense had an off day which cost them in the end. The Packers beat the Eagles in a good game in Philadelphia. The Packers dominated the Eagles for most of the game, but the Eagles came back in the end and had a first and ten on the Packers 27 with 40 seconds left in the game. The Eagles had too many injuries to the defense down the stretch. It should be an interesting off-season in Philadelphia as they decide what to do about Michael Vick.

So, I was 2-2 for Wild Card weekend. This weekend is going to be even better than last in the AFC with both games between division rivals who have already beaten each other this year. The NFC has two rematches as well. Here are my picks:

NFC Divisional: Packers over the Falcons 27-24; Bears over the Seahawks 31-13.
AFC Divisional: Patriots over the Jets 20-17; Steelers over the Ravens 20-16.

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