No. 4: Bradshaw delivers


Walking into work this morning it’s really hard not to feel energized. The Hall of Fame grounds are buzzing and there are workers everywhere transforming every inch of our parking lot and lawns into a huge “tent city.” A week from today, fans from across the country will be filling our campus to enjoy a huge midway that includes food, beer, shopping, games, and parties.

Then the focus turns to what puts Canton, Ohio on the map – our annual Enshrinement. Seven new greats will be cast in bronze on Saturday, Aug. 6 at 7 p.m.

While the “party” wasn’t nearly as big in 1989, the front of our building was packed with chants of “Here we go Steel-ers, here we go!” Back in those days, the enshrinement was free and seating (or standing) was on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, Pittsburgh Steelers fans made the two-hour drive to Canton and perched themselves on the side lawn of Fawcett overlooking the front steps. When we all showed up for work, they were already there with many arriving before dawn to get the best view. About six or seven hours later their efforts were rewarded when two of their players from the Super Bowl dynasty years were enshrined (Mel Blount and Terry Bradshaw).

In one of the most heart-felt and genuine speeches I’ve seen, Bradshaw lit up the crowd. Watch my favorite segment of the quarterback’s speech and notice how he doesn’t look down at any notes, it was all from the heart. If you want to see what it means to a player to be enshrined in Canton, click on this highlight, my No. 4 all-time favorite Enshrinement moment!

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