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The Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival is behind us and we now look forward to the 2011 NFL season. Of course, that means for many fans around the country, it’s crunch time for scouting for this year’s Fantasy Football.

In case you missed it, Louisiana Hot Sauce, one of our partners, is going to fly an entire fantasy league to Canton for a football-filled weekend capped by holding its draft inside the Hall of Fame. It’s really a cool concept. The one thing I like most about it is that to enter to win, you have to share some description about your league.

I claim there is no more passionate fan than Fantasy players as they take their love of the game to a different level than the typical NFL fan. Their stories about their leagues remind me why the NFL remains the country’s favorite sport.

Last summer, we hosted a Fantasy Football League that paid their way to hold their draft here. It was a unique concept. They were guys from the east coast who grew up together and today use Fantasy Football as a method to stay in touch with one another. Every year, on a rotating basis, one of the league members is given the task of planning and coordinating the entire trip for the fantasy draft. They handle booking the hotel, the travel itinerary, and any special other parts of the trip (last year, a private tour of the Hall’s archives was thrown in). The only restriction is that the destination has to be east of the Mississippi.

They were a great group of guys and I enjoyed conversing with them during the tour of the archives. But, when it came time for them to step into our board room to have lunch and conduct their draft, it was apparent they were ready for business. After all, there’s a lot of bragging rights (and maybe some cash) that goes with a Fantasy championship.

So, do you have a story about your league? Well, all it takes is a quick photo and brief description and you could be on your way to see us for your league’s draft.

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