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Last week, Justin gave some great gift ideas for the football fans in your life. As someone with more than five years of experience with licensed sports product (with a BS in Fashion Merchandising, I might add), here are some additional helpful holiday gift hunting hints.

For the past three weeks I have been busy with our Museum Store holiday advertising - 12 email “Deals of Christmas,” over 10 full-color newspaper ads and more website graphics than lights on my Christmas tree. Despite the deluge of catchy Christmas phrases and Santa Claus clip art, I’m still attempting to enjoy the season. You would think since I’m in the “biz” that I would have all of my Christmas shopping done ahead of time, in the most orderly fashion. Nope. I am part of the group that Justin described as waiting “until a day or two before Christmas.” I like to think that I get my best ideas under pressure.

I still have to shop for: the dad who HAS everything, the mom who LOVES everything, and the brother who has to HAVE EVERYTHING JUST THE WAY HE LIKES IT. 

For my dad who has everything, I gave him a fantasy football playoffs victory this past weekend - you think he would just be happy with that, but no.  If I were to find him something in our store (which I may be doing since I’ve waited until the last minute), a Hall of Fame Customized T-Shirt that says “HOF DAD” or something equally as cheesy on the back, would be perfect. He can wear it and always think of me. Personalized gifts are great for the fan that has it all.

My mom has a lot of “inventory” as well, but she loves every gift you give her. Sounds easy, right?  Wrong. It’s almost harder to find the perfect gift because I know she will tell me she loves it even if it’s going to sit in the back of a drawer for the next 10 years. I want to be sure to get something she will use or wear a lot.  When her friends compliment her on it, she can say, “Oh, Lydia got this for me for Christmas!”  The Hall of Fame Crystal Wine Stopper (part of our Hall of Fame Crystal Collection) and the beautiful, knit Hall of Fame Throw are perfect gifts that she will not only love (that’s a given), but use year-round.

My brother is a whole separate challenge. He is very particular about the things that he likes. He has no use for stuff that he doesn’t really need - things that will just “clutter” his life (he’s a perfectionist and a neat-freak if you haven’t already guessed). Usually for very picky people, a gift card is a safe bet. The person is able to pick out exactly what they would like. You will not get the WOW factor of opening a unique and specially-chosen present, but you are sure to satisfy.
Other miscellaneous gift ideas from your friends at the Hall of Fame Store:

ULTIMATE PACKERS FAN: Bart Starr Mini Helmet
WHEN IN DOUBT, Books, Games- like Cowboys vs Redskins Connect 4, and travel neck pillows always make fun gifts to open.

Even though I love to promote our store (it’s my job), most of these gift ideas can be used in non-NFL form as well. The holiday season is not all about gifts or shopping. Most of it is about spending quality time with family and friends and bringing joy and light into their lives at the darkest time of the year. (Even if they beat you 91-38 because your top fantasy players decided not to show up last weekend…)

What football gifts did you ask Santa for this Christmas? Comment and let us know! Plus save 20% on last-minute shopping at the HOF store with promo code STOREBLOG.

Happy Holidays!  Playoff Season is next!

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