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When I think of Nike, two images pop into my head. First is Michael Jordan soaring through the air to make a spectacular dunk in one of the many “Air Jordan” commercials or advertisements. The second is a Nike poster with Bo Jackson wearing a pair of shoulder pads while holding a baseball bat behind his neck during his “Bo Knows” campaign. In both the “Air Jordan” and “Bo Knows” ads, Nike was able to show how they were a cool and innovative brand. It made Nike a must-have item for people. Nike is now taking their creative talents and quality craftsmanship to the National Football League.

Beginning April 1st, Nike became the official on-field apparel provider for the NFL. So, I’ll highlight the first two t-shirts we have in stock in the Hall of Fame Store.

Nike NFL Base Authentic Logo Tee

The tee is the team color with the club logo screen printed on the front center, while the Nike swoosh is on the sleeve. The fabrication features Nike DRI-FIT. This item is great for everyday wear to show support for your favorite team.

Nike NFL Legend Authentic Font Tee

The tee is made of Dri-FIT 100% polyester plain jersey. The tee features the team word mark screen printed on the front center, while the Nike swoosh is on the sleeve and the DRI-FIT trademark is on the lower front right. This item is great to wear to the gym or any other sporting activity. You can look great and feel cool, while supporting your favorite team.

Don’t forget to come back and pre order your Nike Jerseys on April 15th!

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