What is the Gold Jacket Walk?




Over the past few months, we’ve highlighted the benefits of an Official Ticket Package to 2019 Enshrinement Week and dug deep into the history and moments that defined each member of the Class of 2019.

But with 2019 Enshrinement right around the corner, we want to aim the spotlight at one of the biggest events of the entire week — the Gold Jacket Walk.

What is the Gold Jacket Walk?

Taking place on August 3 right before the 2019 Enshrinement Ceremony, the Gold Jacket Walk is the best chance for fans to get an up-close look at every Hall of Famer who has returned to Canton for the weekend.

Fans can stand along the ropes as over 100 returning Gold Jackets make their way to the Enshrinement stage, snapping photos and shaking hands with the biggest icons in the game.

Think of the Gold Jacket Walk like a red carpet premiere for a Hollywood blockbuster, only you’re replacing your Pitt’s and DiCaprio’s with the most legendary and acclaimed players to ever touch the gridiron.

While the entirety of Enshrinement Week provides for a great photo op, nothing can match the picture-worthy moments that we’ve seen during the Gold Jacket Walk over the previous years. The fans are excited to be so close to the Gold Jackets and the Gold Jackets are thrilled to be back at their forever football home.


How to Experience the Gold Jacket Walk

The Gold Jacket Walk is one of the most exclusive events offered from HOF Experiences and is only available through three Official Ticket Packages — 3-Day Silver, 4-Day Diamond & 4-Day Silver.

All three of these packages include other exclusive inclusions like tickets to the Hall of Fame Game, access to the Gold Jacket VIP Tailgate Party, Class of 2019 Enshrinement Ceremony and much more.


Attend 2019 Enshrinement with an Official Ticket Package

HOF Experiences still has over 10 Official Ticket Package options available for 2019 Enshrinement. Choose between Single, 2-Day, 3-Day or 4-Day Packages for the ultimate experience at the biggest weekend of the year.




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