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The Centennial Class of 2020 Locker Exhibit opened today, showcasing artifacts from all 20 members of the Class of 2020: STEVE ATWATER, ISAAC BRUCE, HAROLD CARMICHAEL, JIMBO COVERT, BILL COWHER, BOBBY DILLON, CLIFF HARRIS, WINSTON HILL, STEVE HUTCHINSON, EDGERRIN JAMES, JIMMY JOHNSON, ALEX KARRAS, TROY POLAMALU, STEVE SABOL, DONNIE SHELL, DUKE SLATER, MAC SPEEDIE, ED SPRINKLE, PAUL TAGLIABUE and GEORGE YOUNG. The exhibit is located in the Interactive Area of the Museum and highlights significant milestones from the life and career of each enshrinee.


“These historic artifacts celebrate the momentous occasions in the careers of the Centennial Class of 2020 – on and off the gridiron,” Hall of Fame Curator Jason Aikens said. “The exhibit captures some of the top moments from these legends’ lives and is now available for fans to experience.”

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily throughout the summer. More information about planning a visit to the Hall can be found at www.ProFootballHOF.com/visit.

Among the featured artifacts are a variety of items from footballs, jerseys and warmups to awards, telegrams and film reels. The following is a sampling of the unique items on display in the new exhibit.

Steve Atwater

  • Commemorative Super Bowl XXXIII football and coin
  • Pro Bowl jersey and pants
  • Denver Broncos helmet

Isaac Bruce

  • Super Bowl XXXIV jersey, helmet and name plate
  • Memphis Tigers Football Champion of the Week plaque
  • Football from Bruce’s first career touchdown on Sept. 11, 1994

Harold Carmichael

  • Eagles warmup jacket and pants
  • Game-used high-top shoes
  • Football caught on Nov. 4m 1979 when Carmichael broke the record for consecutive games with a pass reception (106)

Jimbo Covert

  • Super Bowl XX game football
  • 1987 Madden Team plaque
  • Pro Bowl jersey

Bill Cowher

  • Super Bowl XL game ball and pylon
  • Newspaper highlighting the Steelers’ Super Bowl XL victory
  • Steelers pennant

Bobby Dillon

  • Telegram from Green Bay Packers notifying Dillon he had been drafted
  • 1958 Pro Bowl plaque
  • Game-used football signed by Billy Howton, Kline Gilbert, Doug Atkins, Lou Creekmur, Yale Lary and Jack Christiansen

Cliff Harris

  • 1977 Pro Bowl trophy
  • Harris’ game used Dallas Cowboys jersey
  • Super Bowl XII information sheet and map given to Harris

Winston Hill

  • Hill’s mother’s replica Super Bowl III ring
  • Game-used Spot-Bilt cleats
  • Hill’s Prairie View tennis tournament trophy

Steve Hutchinson

  • Super Bowl XL jersey and helmet
  • Knee brace and lucky socks
  • Game ball from Adrian Peterson’s single-game rushing record on Nov. 4, 2007 (Hutchinson blocked for Peterson)

Edgerrin James

  • 2006 Pro Bowl pants, jersey and shoes
  • James’ 2008 NFC Championship ring
  • Football carried by James when he reached 15,000 career yards on Sept. 14, 2008 when the Arizona Cardinals defeated the Miami Dolphins

Jimmy Johnson

  • Commemorative football honoring his first NFL victory
  • Johnson’s Draft Board Value Chart
  • Game ball from Super Bowl XXVIII

Alex Karras

  • 1960s Detroit Lions sideline sweater
  • Black and white picture of a scene with Karras in the movie Against All Odds.
  • Mother of the Year plaque and football – an award given to Karras’ mother by the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the 1960s

Troy Polamalu

  • 2003 NFL Draft Card when the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted him 16th overall
  • Super Bowl XL and XLIII programs
  • Super Bowl XLIII commemorative football signed by members of the Steelers

Steve Sabol

  • 1995 NFL Films Emmy
  • NFL Films cannisters
  • Music from NFL Films record album

Donnie Shell

  • Bible used during playing career with his favorite scriptures – Psalm 138 and 139 – marked
  • 1975 Steelers Loving Cup
  • Football picked off by Shell for his second interception of the 1978 season

Duke Slater

  • Game-worn Chicago Cardinals jersey
  • 1920s shoulder pads
  • Signed copy of Slater’s autobiography Slate of Iowa

Mac Speedie

  • Browns sideline coat
  • Football used in the Cleveland Browns 1950 NFL Championship
  • First game program issued by the Browns

Ed Sprinkle

  • Sideline jacket presented at his retirement
  • Sports cartoon of Sprinkle
  • Football signed by the 1946 Chicago Bears

Paul Tagliabue

  • Fire Department New York Football National Champs baseball cap given to Tagliabue following 9/11
  • A piece of the Berlin Wall
  • Letter opener designed as a sword in a glass stone celebrating the legal victory over the USFL

George Young

  • Super Bowl XXV football, notebook, pen and metal button
  • Super Bowl XXI MVP Phil Simms football. Simms was Young’s first draft pick as Giants GM
  • Giants Super Bowl XXI button

All 20 members of the Centennial Class of 2020 will be enshrined into the Hall on Saturday, Aug. 7, 2021. To learn more about “Twice the Fun in ’21,” visit www.ProFootballHOF.com/enshrinement/.

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