1922 NFL Owners Meeting

Representatives of more than 20 NFL clubs met at the Hollenden Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio on June 24-25, 1922 to address a full agenda.  Among the several amendments to the two-year-old league’s constitution was the official change of the league’s name from the American Professional Football Association to the National Football League.

Another key issue that was debated centered on the status of college players.  It was ruled by the owners to prohibit the use of active college football players on pro teams.  The by-laws change stated that any team engaging such a player would face a fine.  A second violation of the rule could result in the franchise being expelled from the league.  In addition, any player playing under a false name, a common practice at the time for college players who “moonlighted” as pros on Sunday, would result in permanent expulsion of that player from the league.

League President Joe Carr, Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 1963, also was given the power to assign the referee for each league game, thereby taking that right away from the teams and coaches.

Newspaper account of the NFL's '22 meeting in Cleveland in June 1922.