The 1957 NFL Draft

Paul Hornung, QB, Notre Dame

1957-62, 1964-66 Green Bay Packers (nine playing seasons)
Rushing: 3,711 yards, 50 TDs,
Receiving: 1,480 yards, 130 receptions, 12 TDs
Total Scoring: 63 TDs, 760 points
All-Pro: 2 years
All-Conference: 2 years
Pro Bowls: 2
Elected to the Hall of Fame in 1986

The 1957 NFL Draft PIcks

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Draft# Team Player, Position, College
1 Green Bay Packers1 Paul Hornung qb, Notre Dame
2 Los Angeles Rams Jon Arnett b, USC
3 San Francisco 49ers John Brodie qb, Stanford
4 Green Bay Packers Ron Kramer E, Michigan
5 Pittsburgh Steelers Len Dawson qB, Purdue
6 Cleveland Browns Jim Brown b, Syracuse
7 Philadelphia Eagles Clarence Peaks b, MICHIGAN STATE
8 Baltimore Colts Jim Parker g, Ohio State
9 Washington Redskins Don Bosseler b, Miami
10 Chicago Cardinals Jerry Tubbs c, Oklahoma
11 Los Angeles Rams2 Del Shofner B, Baylor
12 Detroit Lions Bill Glass g, Baylor
13 Chicago Bears Earl Leggett t, LSU
  • 1 - Lottery Bonus Pick
    2 - Pick acquired from the New York Giants