The 1982 NFL Draft

Ken Sims, DE, Texas

1982-89 New England Patriots (eight playing seasons)
Recorded 17 sacks during his career.

The 1982 NFL Draft PIcks

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Draft# Team Player, Position, College
1 New England Patriots Ken Sims DE, Texas
2 Baltimore Coltss Johnnie Cooks lb, Mississippi State
3 Cleveland Browns Chip Banks lb, USC
4 Baltimore Colts2 Art Schlicter qB, Ohio State
5 Chicago Bears Jim McMahon qB, BYU
6 Seattle Seahawks jeff Bryant de, Clemson
7 Minnesota Vikings Darrin Nelson rb, Stanford
8 Houston Oilers Mike Munchak g, Penn State
9 Atlanta Falcons Gerald Riggs rb, Arizona State
10 Oakland Raiders Marcus Allen rb, USC
11 Kansas City Chiefs3 Anthony Hancock wr, Tennessee
12 Pittsburgh Steelers Walter Abercrombie rb, Baylor
13 New Orleans Saints4 Lindsay Scott wr, Georgia
14 Los Angeles Rams5 Barry Redden rb, Richmond
15 Detroit Lions Jimmy Williams lb, Nebraska
16 St. Louis Cardinals6 Luis Sharpe t, UCLA
17 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sean Farrell g, Penn State
18 New York Giants Butch Woolfolk rb, Michigan
19 Buffalo Bills 7 Perry Tuttle wr, Clemson
20 Philadelphia Eagles Mike Quick wr, North Carolina State
21 Denver Broncos8 Gerald Willhite rb, San Jose State
22 Green Bay Packers9 Ron Hallstrom g, Iowa
23 New York Jets Bob Crable lb, Notre Dame
24 Miami Dolphins Roy Foster g, USC
25 Dallas Cowboys Rod Hill db, Kentucky State
26 Cincinnati Bengals Glen Collins de, Mississippi State
27 New England Patriots10 Lester Williams dt, Miami
  • 1 - New Orleans relinquished their 1st round pick after taking a supplemental pick in 1981
    2 - Pick acquired from the Los Angeles Rams
    3 - Pick acquired from the St. Louis Cardinals
    4 - Pick acquired from the Green Bay Packers
    5 - Pick acquired from the Washington Redskins
    6 - Pick acquired from the Kansas City Chiefs
    7 - Pick acquired from the Denver Broncos
    8 - Pick acquired from the Buffalo Bills
    9 - Pick acquired from the San Diego Chargers
    10 - Pick acquired from the San Francisco 49ers