The 1984 NFL Draft

Irving Fryar, WR, Nebraska

1984-92 New England Patriots
1993-95 Miami Dolphins
1996-98 Philadelphia Eagles
1999-2000 Washington Redskins (17 total playing seasons)
Receiving: 12,785 yards, 851 receptions, 84 TDs
All-Conference: 1 year
Pro Bowls: 5

The 1984 NFL Draft PIcks

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Draft# Team Player, Position, College
1 New England Patriots1 Irving Fryar wr, Nebraska
2 Houston Oilers Dean Steinkuhler T, Nebraska
3 New York Giants Carl Banks lb, Michigan State
4 Philadelphia Eagles Kenny Jackson wr, Penn State
5 Kansas City Chiefs Bill Maas dt, Pittsburgh
6 San Diego Chargers Mossy Cade db, Texas
7 Cincinnati Bengals Ricky Hunley lb, Arizona
8 Indianapolis Colts Leonard Coleman Db, Vanderbilt
9 Atlanta Falcons Rick Bryan dT, Oklahoma
10 New York Jets Russell Carter db, SMU
11 Chicago Bears Wilber Marshall lb, Florida
12 Green Bay Packers Alphonso Carreker de, Florida State
13 Minnesota Vikings Keith Millard de, Washington State
14 Miami Dolphins2 Jackie Shipp lb, Oklahoma
15 New York Jets3 Ron Faurot de, Arkansas
16 Cincinnati Bengals4 Pete Koch de, Maryland
17 St. Louis Cardinals Clyde Duncan wr, Tennessee
18 Cleveland Browns Don Rogers db, UCLA
19 Indianapolis Colts5 Ron Solt g, Maryland
20 Detroit Lions David Lewis te, California
21 Kansas City Chiefs6 John Alt t, Iowa
22 Seattle Seahawks Terry Taylor db, Southern Illinois
23 Pittsburgh Steelers Louis Lipps wr, Southern Mississippi
24 San Francisco 49ers Todd Shell lb, BYU
25 Dallas Cowboys Billy Cannon Jr. lb, Texas A&M
26 Buffalo Bills7 Greg Bell rb, Notre Dame
27 New York Giants8 William Roberts t, Ohio State
28 Cincinnati Bengals9 Brian Blados t, North Carolina
  • 1 - Pick acquired from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    2 - Pick acquired from the Buffalo Bills
    3 - Pick acquired from the New Orleans Saints
    4 - Pick acquired from the New England Patriots
    5 - Pick acquired from the Denver Broncos
    6 - Pick acquired from the Los Angeles Rams
    7 - Pick acquired from the Miami Dolphins
    8 - Pick acquired from the Washington Redskins
    9 - Pick acquired from the Los Angeles Raiders