The 1991 NFL Draft

Russell Maryland, DT, Miami

1991-1995 Dallas Cowboys
1996-99 Oakland Raiders
2000 Green Bay Packers (10 total playing seasons)
Sacks: 24.5
Pro Bowls: 1

The 1991 NFL Draft PIcks

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Draft# Team Player, Position, College
1 Dallas Cowboys1 Russell Maryland Dt, Miami
2 Cleveland Browns Eric Turner db, UCLA
3 Atlanta Falcons Bruce Pickens Db, Nebraska
4 Denver Broncos Mike Croel LB, Nebraska
5 Los Angeles Rams Todd Lyght db, Notre Dame
6 Phoenix Cardinals Eric Swann dT, No College
7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Charles McRae T, Tennessee
8 Philadelphia Eagles2 Antone Davis t, Tennessee
9 San Diego Chargers Stanley Richard db, Texas
10 Detroit Lions Herman Moore WR, Virginia
11 New England Patriots3 Pat Harlow t, USC
12 Dallas Cowboys Alvin Harper WR, Tennessee
13 Atlanta Falcons4 Mike Pritchard WR, Colorado
14 New England Patriots5 Leonard Russell rb, Arizona State
15 Pittsburgh Steelers Huey Richardson de, Florida
16 Seattle Seahawks Dan McGwire qb, San Diego State
17 Washington Redskins6 Bobby Wilson dt, Michigan State
18 Cincinnati Bengals Alfred Williams lb, Colorado
19 Green Bay Packers7 Vinnie Clark db, Ohio State
20 Dallas Cowboys8 Kelvin Pritchett dt, Mississippi
21 Kansas City Chiefs Harvey Williams rb, LSU
22 Chicago Bears Stan Thomas t, Texas
23 Miami Dolphins Randal Hill WR, Miami
24 Los Angeles Raiders Todd Marinovich qb, USC
25 San Francisco 49ers Ted Washington dt, Louisville
27 New York Giants Jarrod Bunch rb, Michigan
  • * The New York Jets relinquished their first-round pick as a result of exercising a supplemental pick in 1990. New York Jets: Rob Moore, WR, Syracuse

    1 - Pick acquired from the New England Patriots
    2 - Pick acquired from the Green Bay Packers
    3 - Pick acquired from Minnesota thru Dallas
    4 - Pick acquired from the Indianapolis Colts
    5 - Pick acquired from New Orleans thru Dallas
    6 - Pick acquired from Houston thru New England and Dallas
    7 - Pick acquired from the Philadelphia Eagles
    8 - Pick acquired from the Washington Redskins